Working with a productive, stress-free and produce achievement is the goal of every worker. Unfortunately, to achieve it is not easy. Often we lose concentration because they have to do a pile of work in a strict time tengat. Fortunately there are simple ways to overcome them.

Research has shown that consumption of a cup of tea effective for mengingkatkan cognitive ability and concentration. Secondly it was mainly due to a combination of content and L-theanin caffeine in tea. Caffeine, according to Suzanne Einother, will make us more alert, more focused and ease us through the challenging days.

“In the tradition of tea associated with mental clarity. When the researchers note that caffeine and L-theanin who also had the effect of increasing brain activity, which makes tea drinkers easier to concentrate and focus,” explained Einother, researchers from the Unilever Research & Development Vlaradingen, the Netherlands, in a press conference about the tea in Jakarta (14 / 7).

A study showed that study participants who were given tea beverages containing caffeine and L-theanin able to solve problems that require concentration better than the participants who drank tea that does not contain anything. In addition, participants were also able to focus despite distractions from the surrounding noise.

So, if you want to be more concentrated, seduhlah cup of green tea or black tea. You can replace your favorite coffee to tea because the caffeine content of less. The content of caffeine in a cup of coffee to reach 100 mg, whereas only 52 mg of tea.

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