currently on the market has available various kinds of milk. In addition to fresh milk and powdered milk, sweetened condensed milk of the kind that has long been known to the public. However, this product is not suitable for infants and should be given in an appropriate dosage to prevent obesity in young children.

“Sweetened condensed milk contains a lot of calories for total sugar content of many. We suggest only one or two glasses per day,” said Ida Ruslita Amir, M. Kes from Nutritionist Association of Indonesia (Persagi) at the launch of sweetened condensed milk Frisian Flag Gold in Jakarta (14 / 7).

In measure one cup sweetened condensed milk, there are 130 calories. “Sweetened condensed milk, it is more intended as a complement to it as more of vitamins and minerals, while protein content is very low,” said Ida.

Protein content itself on the child’s body is very important, and affects the pattern of drinking milk. If the adults can drink sweetened condensed milk as much as possible, not for children because the protein needs of children around 2 grams per kilogram of body weight that needs to be satisfied from other foods other than milk.

Sweetened condensed milk products obtained by eliminating some of the water through evaporation (evaporation) in order to obtain a certain thickness. Because of the high sugar content, this product can be classified with a long expiration period because sugar can prevent microbial growth.

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