There is a new movement in the world of culinary trends that are excited debated in recent times, namely Living Food Diet (or often called the Raw Food Diet). Followers of this movement believe that the best food for body and soul of man is food that is not cooked!

Forget the vegan movement, because this movement is far more extreme than just being a vegetarian. For adherents who understand raw food fanatics, the best foods are fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are fresh, organic, never in the freeze, and raw!

Actually this is not understood very recently because the trail can we trace its history to 1839 when Sylvester Graham tahin (pioneer of the vegetarian movement in America) wrote an article that emphasizes the idea that human beings will never hurt if men consume only raw foods. Although this is a very controversial idea at the time (even he had received death threats from the Butcher / butcher), his article widely welcomed because he argues that before finding the fire, early humans also used to rely on raw foods and they can “survive” with the diet was to be able to produce offspring, we arrive at this time.

This idea was later also supported by Artturi Vertanen a Nobel laureate in the field of biochemistry which proves scientifically that there are important enzymes in raw foods come out when food is chewed, and the enzyme is produced along with the enzymes our bodies will chime in and produce the most optimal benefits for our bodies. However, these beneficial enzymes that will actually be damaged or lost when food is heated During his temperature is 46 degrees – 48 degrees C.

According to advocates of this idea, the heating process can merusaka quality of food because their natural fibers will “break”, oxygen levels will be lost, some heat sensitive vitamins such as vitamin C will also be damaged, and free radicals are formed. Freezing process is also believed to be changing kualitaas natural enzymes contained in food that we eat. Even for materials nuts and seeds, they do not need to be cooked. Simply soak in water until soft and then eat just like that.

Many people who diet supernatural belief is testified that this new way of eating can turn them inside out. Being slimmer, healthier, more energetic, stamina increased, the disappearance of body odor and bad breath, rarely sick, smoother skin, and looked younger are some of the many benefits that are often conveyed by the adherents of this idea.

And raw food like this does not mean should tudaj good, you know! Precisely these movements are gaining momentum since many celebrities and famous chef who menyokongnya so people see this idea as something that is trendy, funky, but also yummy. Even one of Charlie Trotter from Chicago’s famous Celebrity Chef publish a special recipe book that contains ideas, techniques, and new recipes to process these raw foods.

The recipes are indeed somewhat unique, there is a menu of pad thai made from coconut meat mudaa, there is a burrito that was replaced with lettuce, and others. What is clear, everything was not cooked, all fresh, all natural, and not using preservatives, dyes, or sensitive material. Anyway should be as fresh as possible in order to optimize benefits for the body!

But what’s really great about raw food is that much?
Those who oppose this idea argue that raw foods because it may endanger health or harmful bacteria like salmonella and E Coli (plus it was crowded today: the avian flu virus) can in fact rampant in the body.
Well-cooked food is the only way to ensure that bacteria and viruses do not contaminate what we eat.

This diet is also not easy, can be very expensive even if we insist on using only organic fruits and vegetables. Raw food preparation process is also more difficult and long because it involves many processes to cut, chop, to a blender, soak, etc., so that food is more easily digested stomach later. Natural spices such as ginger, onion, garlic, chili, spices, and herbs also tend to be more widely used, so a bit more troublesome. More trouble again because the food like this can not be stored longer and must be
prepared every time we want to eat.

And if you’re the type who lunch depending on what is available in the office canteen, eating raw like this would also be difficult because you usually tend to be limited options, especially if you’re based in Jakarta.

According to nutritionists, diet like this is also less suitable for Wanit ahamil, children, and people who need high protein because protein intake susum eggs and meat, and fish are far more readily accepted and absorbed by most people.

Balanced nutrition of cooked food also tend to be more readily accepted because it is through the creative process Masako, cooked food can be more easily aroused than the taste of raw food. If there is a component of vitamin or mineral is lost from the heating process, yet we can still add to it with fruit juice and vegetable intake and other dietary supplements.

I personally still a bit difficult to accept and adopt the raw food diet. But the basic idea is very interesting because we are living in this modern age do have bad eating habits so that intake of fresh fruits and vegetables that will help us to live a better and more comfortable if we combine the cooked food and raw diets this by adding caara food servings of fruits and vegetables so that in our daily diet.

The vagina is a canal that connects the mouth and neck of the womb with the outside of the body. Cancers that attack the vagina is usually found in the vaginal canal, or on the wall of the vagina.

Generally, this cancer that has attacked women entering menopause. Even so, it means that women who are in reproductive phase can not be affected by this disease. Major risks faced by women who do not maintain the cleanliness of the vagina and also women who often have sexual relations change – change partner.


* Early menopause
* Smoking habits
* Female patients with cervical cancer
* Women who have sexual relations with different pairs
* First sexual relations during their teens (adolescents)
* Infection with HPV (Human papilloma virus), a type of virus that is spread through sexual contact, and causes cervical cancer and genital warts


* Secretion of watery fluid from vagina
* Lump in vagina
* If the cancer is large can affect the function of the bladder and rectum so that the patients experienced pain when urinating.
* Vaginal bleeding caused by damage to the vaginal lining and forms an open wound

How to Avoid

Maintain cleanliness of the vagina *
Wash the outside of the vagina with clean warm water. Avoid using any products such as cleaning fluid vagina (douching) or powder. Remember, it will make the pH of vaginal douching become unbalanced and off the commensal bacteria (bacteria that live in the vagina) which is a “keeper” of the vagina.

* Vaginal health checks
Every woman is recommended to do a routine inspection to avoid the development of cancer cells. Due to the development of this disease runs in stages and takes many years, so if it is not detected from the beginning of this virus can continue to grow without being able to resist anymore.

Treatment and treatment of vaginal cancer depends on the severity. Wide local excision can be performed (removal of the cancer and some surrounding tissue and then performed skin grafting), Vaginektomi (removal of vagina), Eksenterasi (removal of cervix, uterus, vagina and bladder), the provision of cancer drugs (chemotherapy), radiation (radiotherapy) .

The type of treatment will be determined by medical experts, known sooner, the more likely it can be treated and even cured.

Sex Warts

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Diseases, including diseases of genital warts caused by sexual intercourse. Frequency or pengidapannya opportunities on men and women are equal. The disease is almost there in the world and is transmitted through direct skin contact.

Predisposing factors such as cleanliness, the presence of whitish fluid, or moisture from non-circumcised men.

Venereal wart (genital wart) in medical terms is called condyloma akuminatum. Papilloma viruses cause is humanus (HPV), a specific type. This disease thrives mainly in the folds of the humid areas, such as sex outside. In women who spend a lot of whitish liquid or a pregnant woman, the growth of the disease faster.

If the disease is still new pengidapan skin disorder that occurs in the form of growth that stemmed and reddish color. If you have long been somewhat blackish. Berjonjot surface. If secondary infection occurs, the color will change to reddish-gray and smells bad.

Some types of HPV has a high potential to cause cancer, such as frequently found in cervical cancer.

Treatment can be done with chemotherapy, a variety of surgically or with lasers. To get the most appropriate treatment to be consulted on the skin and venereal specialists. – Sweet potato or sweet potato has been known to our society, comes from the Americas. Sweet potato in the 16th century began to spread throughout the world, especially the tropics. In the 1960s, planting sweet potatoes have been widespread across Indonesia, with production centers in West Java, Central Java, East Java, Papua and North Sumatra.

Sweet potato is a source of carbohydrates that can be utilized as a main meal. Now the sweet potatoes are still used by residents in Papua and Maluku. In other areas the mother potato used as a snack.

With the presence of sweet potato flour, many of which can be used as a variation of the dish, good for snacks, main meals, traditional and modern dishes. Kind of sweet potatoes have white, orange, red, yellow and purple. Carb high nutritional value, rich in vitamins and minerals. Red, yellow, orange, contain beta carotene which the body is converted into vitamin A.

In addition, purple sweet potato contain anthocyanin which acts as an antioxidant and prevent premature aging, cancer, heart disease, stroke, and cataracts.

Let us take advantage of cassava and sweet potato starch such as flour or meal using the bulb in addition to health also menganekaragamkan our cuisine.

a unique appearance. Does not look like most of the leaves of other plants. He only composed of rod-rod-like bones are green. That’s why is called a fracture. Sap had many virtues.

With the trunk and branches are arranged zigzag transverse irregular, broken, almost without leaves, these plants seem quaint and unique. Because of the unique, more people use it as an ornamental plant. However, there is also a deliberately planted for medicinal plant collection.

Wahono, observers medicinal plants that live in Pondok Cabe, Tangerang, claimed to know these fractures plants from the parent. “People used to call it urip wood. Because even though the stem has been broken for the sap is taken, he can still grow, even up to two meters, “he said.

The parts of plants are often used for medicinal bark and sap. Fractures in white sap like milk, containing compounds euphorbone, taraksasterol, alaktucerol, euphol, resins which felt a sharp, astringent gum, and bitter substances.

Used as boreh to the skin
The ancient healers use a combination of bark and sap of this plant to treat bone fractures, as noted in note Kloppenburgh Versteegh, Indonesian traditional medicine experts of Dutch nationality. Way, the bark of this plant is finely milled and mixed with oil, then used as boreh in the skin, in areas with broken bones. After that, given the bark of cottonwoods and bandaged.

Today the use of these plants for the case of a broken bone is not unusual anymore. Moreover, there was a more modern treatment methods, such as injection pain and installation of plaster.

Giving borehan plant cottonwoods broken bones and skin only for first aid measures. Usually as a pain reliever and antiseptic.
Nevertheless, as revealed Wahono, sap-green stems of plants can heal wounds such as cut, cut, or hit by flying glass. There are also exploiting the sap to remove warts, or in medical language is called benign tumors.

“It could also reduce the itching in a mole and the results are quite good. For warts, of course only effective if the size is still small or start to grow. If you’ve already large, would no longer effective. In addition, the treatment should also be routine, at least put two times a day, “he said.

Keep away from eyes
One thing to note when the advantage is to avoid direct contact with the sap of the eye. Gum fractures contain dangerous toxins. When exposed to the eyes, the sap will cause itching and swelling of the eyelids.

If you already contaminated, as first aid, wash the eyes with boiled water, then immediately consult a physician. Relief of late is not impossible that it may cause blindness.

The use of bone fractures as a medicinal plant had faded a few moments. However, it does not mean his name just sank. In many regions in Indonesia, a broken bone is still popular. Some call urip wood, wood susuru, fishing Towo (because of its odd and get a laugh), or Tikel cockscomb.

Now the prestige of Latin plant named Euphorbia tirucalli Linn was sticking out again. Close relative of the ornamental plant Euphorbia millii also started bred back.

Oles enough sap
Actually there are not many ways of utilizing plants commonly called a broken bone or wood urip (Java). However, please note, the sap should not be in contact with the ball because it could create a blind eye.

Also advisable if you would use the broken bones as a remedy, use a fairly old branch. Old branches produce more sap than the young.

Here beberpa usage examples:

• Break the bones of this plant, better choose the old. Once out the sap, directly apply to diseased parts of the body. This sap is believed to eliminate disturbances in the skin such as warts or moles.

• When applying latex, you should be careful not to hit other parts of the body. Leave it for a while until the sap dries. After that, rinse with clean water.