KOMPAS.com – you are classified as people who can not be separated from the rice? Relax, do not have to force myself eliminate carbs from your diet if you are unable to do so. However, carbohydrates are the nutrients that the macro function is to provide energy for us.

Indeed, what the experts say that carbohydrates cause the fat, they are true. But, that happens when you eat the types that are not recommended, and in copious amounts. If you overeat, without any rice, keep your weight will rise. So, the key is moderation.

To give you rice lovers berlega liver, according to Brierley Wright, MS, RD, Nutrition Communications experts from the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University, there are six reasons why you should still eat carbohydrates.

1. Carbohydrates help to boost mood. Karbo support the production of serotonin, the chemical in the brain that causes feelings of pleasure. Studies of the Archives of Internal Medicine showed that people who undergo low karbo heavy diet for a year (only ate about 1 / 2 cup cooked rice or a slice of bread), tend to experience depression, anxiety, and irritability. Levels far exceeding those who consume low-fat diet high in carbohydrates, which only eat low-fat dairy products, whole grains, fruits, and nuts.

2. Carbohydrates help to prevent weight gain. In fact, help you lose weight. How is this possible? To be sure, researchers from Brigham Young University in Utah, U.S., found that those who increased intake of fiber in general will lose weight. This occurs in middle-aged woman who monitored his diet for two years. Conversely, women who reduced their food intake of fiber from just gained weight.

3. Carbohydrates good for the heart. By increasing the intake of soluble fiber (which can be found in high carbohydrate foods such as oatmeal and peas) as much as 50-10 grams a day, you will reduce levels of bad cholesterol up to 5 percent. Those who ate whole grains (like brown rice) also tend to have levels lower bad cholesterol, and higher good cholesterol.

4. Carbohydrates help to streamline the waist. Eating whole grains helps reduce body fat and abdominal fat, according to new research published in the Journal of Nutrition. In the study said that adults who ate three servings of whole grains a day, has 2.4 percent body fat a little more, and abdominal fat 3.6 percent less, than those who ate less than one-quarter portion.

5. Carbohydrates help to sharpen the memory. Overweight women who underwent low-karbo diet for a week (really do not eat carbs) apparently worse scores on tests of memory (such as: why did I get into this room?). Their value is diminished in visuospatial memory (remember the location in the map test) than those who follow a low calorie diet. This is an indication the American Dietetic Association, who revealed in a study from Tufts University.

6. Carbohydrates helps break down fat. Breakfast with carbohydrates which nature does not raise blood sugar quickly, such as oatmeal or bran cereal, three hours before exercise, will help you burn more fat, according to a study from the Journal of Nutrition. Both types of these foods, like potatoes with skin, bread wheat, pasta wheat, or peas, do not cause blood sugar soaring as fast as when you eat white bread or white rice. In contrast, insulin levels do not rise quickly, and because the role of insulin signaling that the body store fat, make sure that lower insulin levels will help you burn fat.

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Maybe a lot of questions that came to mind during its development in adolescents. As was confused with the anatomy of sexual organs. Or maybe also wondering about how babies are formed and how the baby’s sex is determined.

Actually, how the importance of sex education for teenagers? Should they get a teaching about the anatomy of sexual organs and sexual reproduction in him?

Learn about how to transform your body – from the time boys and girls reach puberty when they begin to have sexual relations and so forth.

www.sexxie.tv invite you to attend an online seminar with the topic, “Sex Education for Youth (Sex Education For Teens)”, Thursday, July 15, 2010, 12:00 to 13:00 o’clock AM, with Dr. Cherrie Rose Cruz, a pediatrician, who has written numerous articles on children’s health for a leading health magazine in the Philippines such as Health Care and Medical Observer.

Prepare the computer device, internet connection and speakers to attend a presentation from Dr Cherrie about this interesting topic. You too can be free to give questions that will be directly in charge, free!

KOMPAS.com – Having a husband, boyfriend or sehabat who smoke? Whether they’re ‘struggling’ to quit cigarettes? If yes, actual existence we can contribute a lot to help them.

The first thing that is very important to remember, quitting smoking is not an easy matter. So, if the way the people we love could ‘slip’ a few times, try not to blame and criticize all the effort they’ve done. When they were seen was in trouble, it could still give support and let them know how much we appreciate their efforts.

In order to support us on target, then the channel ‘form of love’ we are in accordance with the conditions they are facing.

To help newly decide to quit:

• Give encouragement to quit smoking gradually. We can start from casual discussions together about how to quit smoking. Give some of the best treatment options we’ve ever read or heard.
• Make sure they know why we want them to stop smoking, and give reasons on how important they are to us.
• To the maximum, do not do long discussion sessions (maximum five minutes), routinely 6-12 months.
• Then, we can also ask about what assistance we can to help them quit.

To help that has been stopped:

• The presence of family and closest friends is a source of support and motivation that are important to someone trying to quit smoking. But, for those who had stopped smoking, comfort is key to the success of their major.
• Divert your mind by getting them to do various fun activities together, such as sports or hobbies, so that cigarette addiction can be diverted.
• Do not forget to give them gifts as a reward for all the accomplishments they have achieved.
• If you are a successful quitter, we can share these valuable experiences, and perceived positive changes. Also, as someone who has been successful, we can also provide tips and tricks to overcome the hard times are like blocking in the middle of the journey.

To help the still relapse:

A success was not achieved easily. If the closest we’ve started to feel desperate and planned to end their struggle against smoking, we can push them back with:

• Give praise for the efforts and achievements that had they tried to get away from cigarettes. And, help fertilizer back confidence and confidence is there that they could do better than this.
• Then, encourage them to start doing the program to stop smoking again. Do not offer the word “If”, it is better immediately ask “When are you going to try the program to quit smoking again?”
• Create a business and learned from their own experiences. The things they learn directly in the field will enable them to achieve success in the future.
• Or, ask them to try to follow intensive care. And sure, they’re really ready to start again

“I am a man aged 35, wife of 29 years. We’ve been married for two years, but had no children. We have yet to see a doctor because it thought there was no problem and has not been prioritized to have children now.

I am an active fitness before marriage, for purposes of builiding body. A few days ago I read that the steroid hormone drug that is often used for the formation of muscle, can cause side effects, among other fertility disorders.

Frankly, since three years ago I got an injection of hormones to build muscle. Injections that I bought at the gym. I injected two times a week. The results are good, which is developing the muscles of the body so as now.

Please explain, what was the news that I read it? What does it mean I would have fertility problems? Is it because the wife is not pregnant?
T.S, Jakarta

Securities abuse
Anabolic hormone abuse issues had been long outstanding, not only in Indonesia but also in other countries including the United States. The difference, in developed countries, the public increasingly understood and increasingly cautious against the abuse of these hormones. On the other hand, state regulations are very strict and properly implemented.

Conversely, in our country, people do not understand so easily be targeted illegal sales of hormone drug. We also have a regulatory drug use, but as usual, the rules only to the extent sentences on paper. Violations of regulations occurred invisible and left alone.

Not long issue that on some gym Anabolic hormones such sale is intended to stimulate muscle growth. Some of my patients showed testosterone injectable drug which is said to be purchased at the gym.

Like your statement above, he also recommended using it twice a week injections. Of course, use testosterone without proper indications, without examination, and without following the correct procedure is an abuse. Any misuse of drugs can cause side effects that result in complications and even worse.

If you have good muscle development, of the hormone testosterone, which you use twice a week. Of course be aware of possible side effects appear, which you may not realize.

Abuse of testosterone can cause some side effects and complications, including aggressiveness, depression, enlarged breasts, bigger sound, testicular shrinking, and fertility disorders.

Whether you have experienced side effects or not, of course must undergo examination. Particularly those related to fertility disorders, the examination is required. To be sure, if you have sexual intercourse regularly without contraception for one year but not yet pregnant, it means that you and your wife including a couple who are infertile.

Coughing Causes

Disease May 5th, 2010

Coughing is actually a form of the body’s reaction to remove a foreign object into the respiratory tract. Foreign object in question could be dust, mucus, or other foreign objects. This is actually a normal reaction and serves to protect ourselves.

Coughing is an expulsion of air is roughly to clean the lungs from substances that are dangerous when disturbed respiratory began. Coughing can also be a deliberate attempt to cleanse the throat. However, to keep in mind, a cough can spread germs that cause disease.

Generally mild cough that afflict us are coughing due to colds or cough symptoms of influenza are usually incurred when the changing seasons. Coughing like this is usually not long, after sufficient rest or take medication free on the market, the symptoms will subside and disappear.

Disease Causes Coughs

However, if the cough does not heal in a long time, probably cause of cough is a disease to be aware of. Such as sneezing, coughing can also spread the disease. Here are some diseases that are often characterized by a cough.

Tuberculosis (TB / TB)
This disease attacks the lungs and contagious. Is a fatal disease if not treated promptly or routinely treat it. The sufferer will experience a cough that is often good enough at the time of day or night. Another feature is the patient’s body is increasingly thin. TB does not only attack the adults, because many found the children who contract the disease.
Asthma is a disease caused by narrowing of the respiratory tract. The trigger can vary and differ from one person to another. Some asthma triggers are dust, cold air, and smoke. Identify the triggers that can be prevented as much as possible in patients with asthma attacks. Symptoms usually occur was coughing or shortness of breath will increase at night. This disease is a recurrent disease, so for people with asthma should always be prepared salve similar respiratory inhalers that can be smoked at any time.
Part of being attacked in this disease are the lungs. Ordinary known as wet lung, because if attacked by this disease, the lungs become inflamed and infected and lead to the lungs, there is water or mucus. In addition to cough, other symptoms are high fever and chills. Immediately consult a doctor or hospital to be addressed.
Pertussis, also known as whooping cough. Cough is caused by bad bacteria that cause lung infections. Feature on cough continuously for several times and ended with panting breath. Coughing is dangerous when small children or babies overwrite, because the cough is persistent and long may cause them to lack of oxygen. Cough also known as whooping cough or cough of 100 days was transmitted when a liquid spray nose or mouth of people infected with this disease on anyone else who can then become infected as well.
This disease is caused by viral infection of the small airways of lung. When exposed to this disease, the patient will cough accompanied by a sound like whistling while breathing.

Do not sepelekan experienced when coughing constantly. Immediately consult a doctor or hospital to find out more clearly the cause of cough. Leaving too long without getting the right treatment will aggravate the condition of the patient. In addition, most diseases that cause a cough is contagious so it can make family members or people who were nearby also are affected.