“I was never fat!” Similar sentences are very often heard. Could be, you are also one of those who “hate” fat. It is true, has the role of fats known to trigger various health problems. But, the body needs fat for energy, so that we can move.

By ward off misconceptions that make everyone antilemak, researchers from Harvard University, USA to share the knowledge that not all fats are bad for the body. There’s also a good type of fat.

Here, some kind of fat that can be invited to friends:

1. Monounsaturated fat, found in many peanut, canola oil, or olive. This very good type of oil to reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the blood (LDL).
2. The fat comes from nuts or beans products (Almon, makadamia, cashews, weekend, hazelnuts, peanuts). Aside from being a source of protein, this food is a source of fiber and phytochemicals. Experts believe both are capable nutiri fight and prevent cancer.
3. Advocates. This fruit contains fats that are good for the body and found to contain levels of vitamin E is very high. Fat Advocates maintain healthy functioning of skin from the inside and prevent heart attacks.
4. Marine fish, especially salmon and mackerel contain omega-3 fatty acids are very high. very good for those who consumed had higher levels of high cholesterol. Fat from these fish, known to be useful to prevent heart disease, cancer, and reduce perdangan symptoms, such as arthritis.

So, do not hesitate to consume fat. Provided you choose whether to be friends!

Cancer is generally a disease that is preventable. Two-thirds of cancer deaths estimated by the use of tobacco, poor diet, obesity, and lack of physical exercise. All these factors can be modified. However, awareness of the possibility of preventing cancer through lifestyle changes is still not widely recognized.

Diet is a fertile field for the attention of individuals and social intervention to reduce the possible risk of certain cancers. Various studies menyadiakan lot of information, which is sometimes related to detrimental and protective contradictions of various foods. There is strong evidence that excess body fat increase the risk of some cancers. Most nutrition information related to cancer warning about high-fat diet, the real cause is excess calories. Research shows a connection, though small, between body fat and fat in the diet composition. This study shows that excessive consumption of calories from fat and carbohydrates causes the same result with excess body fat. The most ideal way to avoid excessive fat and calorie intake is to limit or balance caloric intake with enough practice.

Remains important to limit consumption of calories, because the evidence still supports a relationship between cancer and polyunsaturated fat, saturated, and animal fats. Research shows that consumption of red meat and dairy products are high can increase the risk of several types of specific cancers. One strategy for positive dietary change is to replace red meat with chicken, fish, beans, and peas.

Consumption of fruits and vegetables that are high have been associated with decreased risk of cancer, at least 10 types of cancer. This is probably a protective factor, such as carotenoids, folic acid, vitamin C, flavonoids, phytoestrogens and isothiocyanates. These materials are usually referred to as antioxidants.

There is strong evidence that moderate to high alcohol consumption also increase the risk of some cancers. A reason for this may be because alcohol interfere with folic acid availability. Bil alcohol combined with tobacco increases the likelihood of occurrence of some specific cancers.

Physical exercise or sports which lowered the probability of high some cancers. According to researchers at Harvard University, United States, if the entire population increased their level of physical exercise by walking fast for 30 minutes every day 9atau efflux same energy with other activities), will get a reduction in colon cancer by 15%.

Women who have high levels of physical exercise during his life has the possibility of developing breast cancer were lower than those who were not active. Shanghai Breast Cancer Study to evaluate the level of activity on 1.459 women with breast cancer and 1.556 in control group women – two groups of similar age. Women who exercise during adolescence and adult breast cancer risk decreased most significantly.


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Besides the face, acne can also appear on the neck, shoulders, or back. Depending on the fat glands and local skin condition. Actually, the handling of acne on his back or face are no different; reduce the production of fatty glands, regulate the release layer of skin so that no obstruction occurs and to reduce inflammation of the skin. If the acne on the back accompanied by itching, acne is probably not unusual but there is a fungal infection. Usually used for treating these conditions, the skin specialist will provide anti-fungal drugs.

Food is generally not directly related to the occurrence of acne. But foods containing excessive fat can cause acne. Antiseptic soap is highly recommended for skin with acne. Or you can use sulfur soap, which, besides containing antiseptic, also are reducing the fat / anti seborea. As an additional treatment, use the scrub. This one product can also be overcome acne, since beads can scrub exfoliate dead skin cells. But do not be excessive, just 1-2 weeks. If within two weeks of no change, do not hesitate to come to a dermatologist.

Kompas.com – Food is safe to eat, besides containing the nutritional value, should be free from biological hazards, chemical hazards, as well as physical objects that can be detrimental to health. Therefore, needed food containers yng appropriate measures to ensure food safety and feasibility.

The habit of putting food in the open in a long time will also cause taste and nutritional value decreases.

“A lot of vitamins that are not resistant or sensitive to external factors, such as weather, air, or light so that the flavor and aroma change,” said Prof.Dr.Made Astawan, nutrition experts from the Institut Pertanian Bogor.

Another danger that threatens the food product is a food infection and food intoxication caused by bacteria or microbes. “When the food was infected and then ingested in the human stomach, can cause symptoms of poisoning,” he explained.

To maintain the durability of food, it is recommended to keep food in proper containers. “Keeping the lifetime of the food is not always be with preservatives. Containers will also slow damage to proper food,” explained Prof. Dr.Purwiyatno Hariyadi, an expert in food technology from the IPB.

Appropriate container will also prevent contamination of insects, microbes, also influence the weather. However, not all containers can be used to pack food.

“The main thing is safe for food or included in a food grade, not toxic, protection from odor, prevent contamination, and easily opened and closed again,” explained Purwiyatno in educating the media event of the Healthy Food Storage Containers and hosted by Fresh PT.Lock & Lock Indonesia.

Today the use of plastic food packaging materials dominate. Some studies indicate that dangerous chemicals such as plastics bisphenol (BPA) and phthalates. Food container is also ideally airtight and water.

Besides choosing a container, according Purwiyatno, which need to be considered is the external conditions. “The temperature of space and cleanliness of the environment also affects the storage of food preservation,” he said.

The recommended temperature for storing food is less than 5 degrees to keep food cold and above 60 degrees Celsius for hot food. “Temperature is safe enough to prevent bacteria,” said Made in the same opportunity.
* Usefulness Laughter for Health
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KOMPAS.com – Laughter is one off the best and easiest way to drive away the daily stress that often interfere with our health. That is, the more we laugh, the healthier our bodies and minds.

Old thinking says we laugh only if there is something funny. Plus, not everyone is a born humorist. Humorous or not, it is determined by genes. Yet, the fact is not so. Recent studies show laughter could be trained and performed every day. This is the opinion of Lee Berk, Loma Linda University scientist.

Through his research, Berk concluded that laughter is not separated or who had previously anticipated still have healthy benefits, which reduce levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) by 26 percent.

In addition, laughter may also reduce levels of C-reactive protein. This is part of protein which is one measure of the risk of a person with diabetes and heart problems. The higher levels of C-reactive protein, the higher the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Therefore, rajinlah laugh though nothing is really funny that can cause us to burst out laughing. Laugh for the little things or to joke that we have ever heard before.

Large statue of Ravana’s army, the leadership of Hanuman monkey, one of the sequences from the epic Ramayana, decorate the main street gate of the Botanical Gardens in Bedugul Tabanan, Bali, late last year.

Kompas.com – A walk in the forest or the shady park by the trees not only soothes the eyes but also healthy body and soul. A series of studies have proved it.

The health benefits of activities to spend some time in a place of green according to the experts come from increasing the body’s immune system. Research shows, phytoncides, the chemical in air that issued the plants to protect them from decay and insect attack, it is also beneficial to humans.

Research conducted in Japan also strengthens the evidence of the benefits of a walk in the park. Activities run in the open as a therapeutic treatment is also called the Shinrin-Yoku or forest bath.

In a study involving 280 researchers healthy people who were divided into two groups. On the first day, they were asked to walk through the woods or shady area by the trees for several hours while others walk in urban areas.

On the second day, the two groups swap places. The researchers found that people who walk in the forest areas, the stress hormone cortisol in their body or lower. In addition, blood pressure and heart rate were also lower them.

Other studies have shown, visit the green for two hours each day will also increase the number of white blood cells, namely natural killer cells of pathogens. Another study mentions, phytoncides exposure for a week will increase the levels of white blood cells.