Yogurt is fermented milk. The main nutrients found in cow’s milk, ie, carbohydrates (lactose), protein (casein), and fats, has been elaborated into a more simple binding by lactic acid bacteria. This change makes the yogurt easier to digest, so do not waste the body’s energy supply. Therefore, yogurt, including high energy foods are recommended for the meal menu.

Therefore, easily digestible, yogurt can be consumed with food that is also easily digested, namely Fruit. We recommend prioritizing the abundant fruits of vitamin C, such as strawberries. Other options: mangoes, papayas, oranges, mango, guava, rambutan, pineapple. Vitamin C helps the body absorb more iron. In fact, according to Dr. Sheldon Saul Hadler, from the University of California, U.S., iron is the main actor in the process of energy metabolism. No wonder if eating yogurt plus fruit rich in vitamin C will make you more powerful.

The unique combination of yogurt + fruit, either yogurt or fruits are equally rich in potassium. This electrolyte minerals essential for the conversion of energy in cells. Therefore, getting enough potassium intake will help you appear energetic. Examples of fruits that are abundant in potassium include oranges, star fruit, cantaloupe, honeydew melon (green or orange), watermelon (red or yellow), bananas. Another advantage of yogurt, which contain more calcium can be absorbed by the body.

Compared with yogurt, milk calcium absorbed less than optimal because of high protein content which is to form acids, which complicate the absorption of calcium. In yogurt, in addition to the protein already broken down – so as not to burden the digestive organs, the process of fermentation by lactic acid bacteria makes yogurt as a base-forming foods, that supports the absorption of calcium.

Adequacy of calcium intake helps prevent lethargy and fatigue, and relieve tension. In his book, The Vitamin Alphabet, Dr. Christina Scott-M onc rieff, M.Bch.B., M. F. Hom. explain the importance of calcium to help “pull” the energy content in food.

This is evidenced in a study of women with menstrual disorders, such as fatigue and lethargy, which were fed with different levels of calcium for 39 days. After they spend more foods rich in calcium equivalent to 31 / 2 cups of yogurt per day, it turns out they are no longer experiencing fatigue and lethargy.

There is close relationship between cervical cancer and Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). If this virus to infect women, there is the possibility of risk to cervical cancer.

New age of even 15 years on 21 September. The lines of the face and lips had inherited a pretty face Latjuba Sophia, her mother. He is Eva Celia, daughter Sophia Latjuba from her marriage to musician Indra Lesmana that swept the world recently begun sinetron Indonesia.

Accompanied by his stepfather, Michael Villarreal, Eva Celia Brawijaya present at Women & Children Hospital Jakarta late last June to get the vaccination to prevent cervical cancer.

“Cervical cancer is caused by HPV or Human Papilloma Virus. The virus can be prevented by vaccination early on, that is since my teenage years like this now,” he said in front of reporters who surrounded her.

HPV is transmitted through genital contact potential. Among them, of course through sexual intercourse. Questions about the trappings of vaccination and cervical cancer, Eva confessed already get sufficient explanation from the doctor and his parents.

“I am delighted to have parents who are very open. And my presence here would like to raise awareness of their peers about the dangers of cervical cancer,” says Eva.

Compulsory Vaccination

Unfortunately, Sophia Latjuba, beautiful mother, Eva accompany absent when vaccinated. “You see, our little boy just got up and could not be left behind,” said Michael.

“As a parent, I certainly will take whatever steps as quickly as possible is best for children. Of course we are worried about the dangers of cervical cancer prevention and, if already there, why it is not done,” said the man bloody American who is fluent in Indonesian.

“Ah, I’m not afraid kok vaccinated. Not afraid of needles,” says Eva. However, when Dr. Nugroho Kampono, Sp.OG, began directing the needle into his arm, Eva looked the other way, away from where the needle pierced his arm.

Become the focus of news that day interpreters to help the campaign of cervical cancer, Eva confessed was not asked to be ambassador for cervical cancer. “Not me, but Chika, son of the couple Gil and Ira Wibowo,” he said.

Chika’s age and teenage daughter Eva Celia is an ideal target for cervical cancer vaccinations. “Actually, this vaccination could be given to women of all ages, but there are a prerequisite, ie there is no sexual contact, the condition of normal cervix, and no pre-cancerous lesions. In the United States, the ideal age to be vaccinated women 9 to 13 years, maybe in Indonesia from 14 to 27 years, “explained Dr. Nugroho.

Vaccination carried out three times in a row. After the first vaccine, two months later the patient had to get back to the second vaccination. The third and final vaccine is six months later.

Price per injection vaccine USD 950 thousand to one million. “That is not other costs,” said Dr. Nugroho. It claims to be expensive and currently only able to reach upper middle class.

“In the future this type of vaccination to be an obligation of developed countries like the U.S.. I am confident because the incoming compulsory vaccination, future prices will be lowered as in the case of hepatitis B vaccine,” he said.

Transmitted Men

Recognized by Dr. Nugroho, vaccination was only to prevent HPV types 16 and 18 which causes cervical cancer risk. “The vaccine is not able to kill 30 to 40 of HPV that attack the reproductive organs of 120 species have been identified. However, there are also several types of HPV that follow vaccination prevented thanks to this,” he said.

The transmission of HPV and can pass the path of non-sex sex. Sex lines occur through genital contact, either through intercourse or oral sex. Non-sex lines going through the underwear, gloves, operation, or normal vaginal birth. In this case the virus move from the vagina to the baby through the baby’s respiratory tract.

HPV infection, according to Dr. Nugroho, classified in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). More than 75 percent of women who have sex once infected with the HPV virus. Peaks of these infections occur between ages 18 to 22 years. The infection risk is increased many times over if the spouse is often changed. “Remember also that men can transmit HPV,” he said.

These infections can also happen to you. When that happens, 80 percent of the HPV virus will be cleared by the immune system. The remaining possibility of a permanent infection in the body and the risk of cervical cancer.

Although already vaccinated, pap smear tests are still advised by Dr. Nugroho. “If you are married or do hubngan sex, do pap smears on a regular basis,” he said. A Pap smear is a procedure taking cells from the cervix to be examined by microscope to detect abnormalities in the cervix.

Vaccinations and pap smears in conjunction with education about cervical cancer is the cancer prevention measures. “From the hospital data, cervical cancer is the number one killer in Indonesia. From the data population, breast cancer is number one in Indonesia,” he said.

According to WHO data around the world every year 490 thousand women diagnosed with cervical cancer. Most of the cancer patients in developing countries. From number 490 thousand, 240 thousand of them died.

Know Your Reproductive Organs

The cervix is the organ part of the female reproductive system. This is the bottom of the uterus, uterine aka pear-shaped. The cervix is the liaison uterus with the vagina. Through the cervical canal was menstrual blood flowing every month to get out through the vagina.

Jugs of cervical mucus production. This mucus helps sperm move from the charge of the vagina to the uterus. During pregnancy, the cervix is tightly closed to protect the baby in the womb. When the baby was ready to be born, the cervix is open, so the baby can pass through the vagina.

Cervical Cancer Symptoms

1. Abnormal bleeding

* Bleeding after intercourse.
* Abnormal bleeding outside the time of menstruation.
* Bleeding after menopause.

2. Yellowish and smelly discharge from vagina

3. Illness or pain

* Pain in the hip.
* Pain in the feet.

Lately more and more phone readers who ask about the herb therapy. Ask a doctor address, doctors can prescribe herbs, or ask the security side of herb therapy. Because it comes from natural ingredients, herbs are considered safe, has no side effects. Really?

Endah Lasmadiwati, a practitioner herbs in Jakarta told the case of men who consume pare to lower blood sugar, suddenly experiencing impotence. Calibaration have calibaration, apparently due to pare consumed raw, overdose, too!

There are more cases of ‘accident’ because it consume and temu Phaleria white penumpas become the mainstay of cancer cells. Apart from a sudden sore throat, the patient experienced a hemorrhage.

“Seeds of god’s crown should not be consumed, it is very toxic. In addition Phaleria also met a white do not be drunk while menstruating, would exacerbate the bleeding. Khasiatnya indeed destroy cancer cells as well as eroded the uterine wall. Must be careful, there are rules, especially about the dose , “explained owner Sringganis Garden Medicinal Plant Garden in Bogor.

Case swollen face after drinking herbal potions, many written by the mass media. This is due to the delinquency of producers by adding the active chemical ingredients. Swollen eyes because of chamomile tea bag compress with the usual tea properly, is an example of lack of knowledge of herb users here.

Ginko, herbs are increasingly in demand to pump memory was also not 100% safe. Will only be effective if the memory decline caused by the weakening of blood flow to the brain. Conditions like these can be improved by the consumption of gingko. What if the memory downturn caused by other factors (eg hormonal imbalance)?

Amanda McQuade Crawford author of Herbal Remedies for Women is also founder of the National College of Phytotherapy in Albuquerque, says

“If the weakness of memory caused by the imbalance hormomal, yes … drinks gingko useless ..”

Or Dengan kola kola (Centella asiatica) has the effect of
like gingko, which sharpens memory. But Dr Setiawan Dalirparta, physician acupuncturist and observers of medicinal plants, warned to be careful in the dosage, because it can be dangerous, even fatal.

Such things are mere examples, that with the growing popularity of herbal therapies, then the public is also required to continuously tnengedukasi themselves.

Future therapies
Herb’s potential as a drug, because of this natural heritage will become the future pillars of therapy, according to doctors who also herbalis Dc Budiono Anton M. Sci. in Jakarta. Unfortunately, not all of them Indonesian herb richness tested its feasibility as a therapeutic material. Also, because the herb has not been specifically incorporated into the curriculum of medical training here, so it is still difficult to menstandarisasikannya. Thus, who will ensure their quality?

To be used as therapy materials, medicinal plants must pass through Fisk research, chemical, pharmacological, biological, toxicity test (poison). Until now the doctors are still reluctant to prescribe a medicinal plant because it is still unclear information about the efficacy, side effects and how the use of medicinal plant materials. Jobs in Indonesia is currently not easy to do considering requiring no small amount of research costs.

As an illustration, let us refer to the study of medicinal plants in the United States. Research stage to determine the active substance one plant alone will cost 15-20 million dollars, and it takes 12 years of research! Now, Can Indonesia?

Indonesia is lagging in terms of scientific research related to traditional medicine, even compared to other Asian negeranegara such as India, Korea, Japan. So the use of traditional medicine is still based on empirical mean dose and effects gained from the experience varies for each person or from region to region.

For Dr. Anton Budiono, the doctor who was preparing a thesis doktomya (in the pharmaceutical field), it is very effective for experts here to refer to the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is the science of Chinese medicine and the approaches that have been proven for thousands of years.

“His success has been proven for centuries,” he said.

Experience is not always safe
In general, herbs are less side effects than drugs that are already common direstpkan doctor (also called drug fiarmasi). Since the year 1993-1998 the FDA (Food and Drug Control Agency in the United States) receives approximately 1000 reports of reactions associated with consumption of herbs. Compare response with almost 160 000 (only one year, 1996) negative medicines your doctor prescribes

Still not completely safe herb for medicinal plants also contain toxins, and its use requires a variety of different conditions. For example echinacea (commonly used to increase body resistance against the flu) should not be consumed by those who have autoimmune disorders, because it will intensify the immune system is too active. Licorise Epedhra and will make the patient more severe high blood pressure. Likewise gingko and ginger, the dose should be considered primarily for their consumption pasienpasien who are taking blood-thinning drug.

The following set of questions that are still often asked by readers, or society at large. Willie Japaries dc. MAR.S., doctors are also herbs for cancer therapy practitioners in Jakarta and dr.Cinderella Sicily, Master of Herbal Medicine, answered with a tip included in consuming herbs.

Selecting, Storing, using herbs

Where better, fresh herbs or dried?
Effect of fresh and dried herbs are the same., Only a matter of dosage, because that has been dried or extracted more intense concentration. Drying is very useful, because there are certain herbs that grow only in certain seasons.

For acute cases such as flu, herbs should be consumed in the form of steeping. While the chronic cases, herbs in pill form, tablets or capsules. Easier syrup given to children. Tinctur can be given if the patient can receive the alcohol (there are patients who deny alcohol). In traditional Chinese medicine or alcohol wine is warm and the blood circulation so that it can strengthen the effect of treatment. More on the cases of the disease ‘yin / cold’ and blood circulation disorders.

How to store herbs are safe?
Fresh herb: saved by wrapping it tightly in place and then sealed refrigerator included, can stand up to a week. Meanwhile, dry herbs: can last longer, but the effects of heat, light, oxygen (air) remains influential. Aromatiksepertichamomile herbaceous, with the active ingredient of peppermint essential oil bound volatile when reacting with oxygen and heat. Should be placed in a sealed glass container, store in dark, dry and cold, keep it away from the hot sun. If penyimpanananya properly, dried herbs (flowers and leaves) can hold up to a year, while the bark and roots can dry up to two years.

Liquid extract the most stable, but still too damaged by heat, light and air (oxygen). If stored in tightly closed containers always, the strength of liquid can survive up to three years or more.

Capsules and tablets Karen is very unstable during the process causes decomposition destroyed. Store in dry, cold, dark, no more than three months. In oil form, is very sensitive to heat. At best, in my fridge, can last six months.

How quickly herbs react? Depending on the herb and the condition of our health / disease conditions. For instance, for acute conditions, (bloating and nausea) with ginger tea, the results will be visible 30 minutes to an hour. Another for the state of long-term treatment, eg (disruption of hormonal balance), a kind of menopause (by consuming black cochos) may look Ihasilnya approximately three months. Increase vitality with a kind of ginseng tonic drink, a new effect is visible around a month.

Herb works by energizes the body’s organs, glands, and balance the body’s condition. It certainly takes time to see results.

Should an empty stomach?
There are no general rules, but usually that is a tonic herb (generally taste sweet and does not stimulate the stomach) taken before meals so that maximum absorption, especially if the herbs are expensive (eg ginseng).

While herb-containing substances such as bitter and stimulates gastric brotowali (Tinospora tuberculata) should be drunk after a meal.

How long do herbs may be drunk?
Proved the effectiveness of existing herbaceous duration, depending on disease condition and the nature of the herb.

Disease conditions: if such an acute case of diarrhea, flu, then the herbs can be taken every 3-4 hours and discontinued after conditions improved. Whereas in the case of chronic diseases, such as acne, arthritis, hypertension, cholesterol, usually herbs should be drunk within a longer time.
Cinnamon (cassia Cinnamomun) is diaphoretik (a sweat), analgesic and antipyretic drunk to treat colds. Should be stopped if the patient was sweating, fever subsided and flunya improved.

Garlic (Allium sativum) is used for the treatment of moderate hypertension, the prevention of atherosclerosis and peripheral arterial disease (Raynaud’s disease). Toxicity is also low so that it can safely be consumed within iama.

Properties of herbs, should be considered harsh or toxic effects.
Fruit Makasar (Bruceo javanico) for the treatment of dysentery and malaria. This herb is very bitter and stimulates the stomach (nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea) are also toxic, so the dose and duration of consumption must be considered.

Dong Quai (Angelica sinensis) stimulates hematopoiesis so useful as a blood tonic. Effect also stimulates uterine contractions so should be careful if used by pregnant women. Consult with an expert first.

Echinaceae stimulate the immune system that is used to relieve respiratory disorders (respiratory tract infections and over). Many cases of allergy to this herb, so you should consult an expert. If consumed over the two weeks, was not effective. Recommended 10 days only three days rest was repeated 10 days.

Ephedra (Ephedra Sinica), also called ma-huang contain ephedrine which affects loosen respiratory tract, is a cough medicine that can be relied upon. Active ingredient stimulates the central nervous system and increase metabolic rate. Alert, jarena miserable side effects, including insomnia (sleep disorders), dizziness, nausea, impaired heart rate, and increase blood pressure.

If you must consume it as a cough medicine, not more than two weeks, and do not use if suffering from high blood pressure. Drink at all if there is high blood disorder

Paniculata (Andrographis panniculata) plus cat’s whiskers (Orthosiphon artistatus) used to treat diabetes, but should continue to regularly monitor blood sugar levels by laboratory tests.

Taro rats, Intersection white, is a bitter herb for breast cancer, should be followed by examination of tumor size and concentration of tumor marker (CEA, CA153, MCA) every month. Checks should be conducted regularly, because there are times when herbs that have been consumed during the 23 months, suddenly can not efficacious.

shall be asked
Many people take herbs only went along with others who have been consumed. Let’s test the readiness of themselves by way of answering the following things. Would we be able to answer? If not, the following question shall be asked of doctors or specialists herbaceous.
1. Is harba respective influence of other drugs being taken?
2. Health conditions consume herbs (such as high blood pressure, diebetes, bone pain, uric acid) should be informed to the doctor or your herbalist.
3. Use the proper dose.
4. How long the effect would arise?
5. How long should consume it, when to be repeated again?
6. Herbaceous forms that work best for your illness?
Wary if not more than one hour to consume, herbs, symptoms of nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, sweating profusely. Stop taking herbs and immediately con-sultasikan to herbalist or doctor. Maybe you need mengingatingat, in addition to the new herb you drink, you also are taking any medications.

An increasingly popular herb
Today, more and more herb medicine outlets. So was the product
herbs are offered, more varied. because
surge of foreign herbs into the market. What berkhasiatnya?

Aloe vera fever relievers. Many new research
prove the truth of these properties of Aloe vera plants, namely
fever reducer, either from outside or inside. Here we’ve always used it, in addition to fever, because the softening effect. Lately more and more modified form, in addition to topical gels, miscellaneous food freshness.

Echinecea strengthen body resistance. Derived from Native American Indians. Research shows root extract of this plant stimulates the production of immune system cells, protecting the body from infections that cause colds. Herbalist used it to treat insect bites and swelling. Its main virtue is to increase endurance. Research at the University of Wisconsin showed that eight of the nine studies potent Echinacea for upper respiratory infections and good to speed healing. If you’ve started sneezing, severe head, and runny nose, then the rapid consumption of this herb. Symptoms will quickly disappear. Echinaca available in capsules, tinctures and tea / steeping.

Black cochos for reliever effects of menopause. In the era of the Indians, this herb is used to treat pain in the reproductive organs associated with femininity. Today, German scientists proved this material is able to alleviate bursts of heat (hotflushes) at the start of menopause Wanta. For women who do not choose estrogen therapy, this herb can be used.

Evening primrose lowering cholesterol. Evening primrose seeds contain essential fatty acids, especially gamma linolenic acid. Study reported by The Review of Natural Products, showed consumption of this herb for three months with a significantly decreased, cholesterol levels. However, high cholesterol requiring treatment rather complicated, so need to consult your doctor if you choose to consume them.

Peppermint to calm the stomach. In Roman times, people chewed leaves of mint after a party to soothe digestion, so there is a tradition of after-dinner mint. Peppermint oil help to suppress the production of gas and stimulates digestion to produce digestive enzymes. Could also to fight bacteria. Bloating and nausea can be overcome with mint leaves. Can be chewed directly, disedu as a tea or use a lot of mint tea that has been sold.

Ginko biloba loosen the blood vessels. This is the oldest herb trees. Estrak leaves are able to increase blood circulation to the brain and help to counteract the formation of deposits in blood vessels, thereby reducing dementia, sound dengkingm ears, dizziness vertigo and other headache disorders. Effects further, gingko used to solve the problems of mental acuity, symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease (aging), sexual disorders, to the effect of altitude sickness. Considering the way it works is complicated, you should consult your doctor, since there are certain circumstances that need to be careful to consume them.

Garlic is a natural antibiotic. It has been long known by our ancestors as a medicine. Garlic in the West often called king of the herb. Since the first years of the 1920s, a pharmaceutical company in Switzerland to isolate the active substance of garlic, aliin, which according to research they would not give the drug efficacy if not chewed. Enzymes change aliicin aliin become stronger antibiotics. Now the modern era, garlic investigated its potential to nourish the heart to cancer.

Besides known as antibiotics, garlic was also efficacious pumping endurance and anti-infection. Fresh garlic is more effective, so garlic is best consumed in a raw state.

Ginseng energy enhancer, tonic. Although its use has been to increase the energy / vitality of the body, but research at the University of Milan (Italy) showed efficacious ginseng also adds to endurance. Ginseng may lower blood sugar, according to a written research Diabetes Care. From Yale University found that ginseng can help to overcome problems of erectile dysfunction and increase the number of sperm in male infertility cases. Further research is converting the ginseng root is used to reduce LDL and increase HDL. Though can be brewed, but is most effective taken in capsule form.

Lavender to soothe. Lavender flower is an ancient recipe for calm. British researchers at the University of Wolverhampton show by mixing the essential oils of Lavender in a water bath, capable of reducing anger, frustration, and negative thoughts. Although the effect is mild but do not directly inhale lavender because toxic. Keep out of reach of children.

Gotu kola (cola Dengan) to sharpen memory. In India it is known as an herb for longevity. Herbalist believes gotu kola can help memory and brain power. Gotu kola also peluruh urine / diuretic. However, because of potentially toxic, it is to consume need to consult the experts.