JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – OIL is one of the most familiar form of fat found. Her presence was urgently needed for food processing, but if the excessive usage could also be the bearer of calamity.

Well, that is not trapped in the habit of using excessive oil, follow the following tips:

1. Measure carefully
You know, one tablespoon of oil contains 100 calories? Therefore, use of oil as necessary. Avoid fried foods. When we want to eat fried foods, consume sparingly.

2. Imbangi with healthy food
Almost all the favorite dishes prepared with Indonesian-style fried way. Want to stay healthy while eating fried food? Also provide fresh vegetables fresh fruits and vegetables at the dinner table.

3. Better baking
So much like fried food coat with canola cooking spray. Then, bake until browned exterior.

4. Can also be baked dry
Oven-fried dried also gives effect to the food. Marinate foods with olive or canola oil first, then baked with temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius.

5. Discard excess fat
Discard chicken skin or eliminate fat from meat processing. Do not worry, meat dishes remain delicious and you definitely do not suffer from excess calories.
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Jakarta, Kompas – A number of hospitals that use international Additional words, the world, or global in their name shall release the appendage. Legislation that it is valid from August.

This was confirmed at a press conference the Ministry of Health, Friday (9 / 7). Director General of Medical Services Ministry of Health Supriyantoro says, Regulation of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Number 659/Menkes/PER/VIII / 2009 concerning Indonesian Hospital World Class valid for one year from set August 14, 2009.

In Article 11 of Law was mentioned, the hospital which has received certification from the World Class Hospital Indonesia remains forbidden to use the word world class, international, global, or similar words as names.

“They can say in a campaign that has received ISO or certain international accreditation. However, are not allowed to use the word international, global, or world as a hospital. If the certificate of accreditation has expired, hospitals are prohibited from using the predicate Indonesian Hospital accreditation as a World Class hospital media campaign, “he explained.

Astray interpretation

Important issue that name to avoid the occurrence of error of interpretation among patients, even though their survival depended on the hospital.

Frill that will bother the hospital itself. “If something happens so the quality is reduced or international accreditation certificate expires, the hospital must change the name. The administration is very troublesome, “said Supriyantoro.

Currently there are eight hospitals in Indonesia, whose name no-frills international. Five of them had sent a letter to the Ministry of Health to change the name. Only one Indonesian Hospital World Class really needed pocketed accreditation. In Indonesia there are 1378 hospitals, 673 of them private hospitals.

Chairman of the Private Hospital Association of Indonesia (ARSSI) Mus Aida said the hospital did not issue an international claim, the world, or global level can be proven along with a certificate. “Not to be misleading the public and there should be basically,” he said

Kompas.com – Enjoy water tour is fun. However, it must be noted also the lurking threat of cleanliness every visitor. It is important to remember every day the water attractions hundreds or even thousands of people crowded the recreation.

Recently reported one of eight public swimming pools in the United States was closed by the government because based on a surprise inspection found serious violations such as cleanliness of the water content of less or lack of equipment safety standards.

Center for disease control and prevention (CDC) in the U.S. has also undertaken to test the water quality samples than 120,000 swimming pools in 13 states. The test was considered the largest ever undertaken CDC on the cleanliness of water in the pool. Common violation found was the excessive use of disinfectants in swimming pools or where children play and bathe.

CDC estimates that, each year going 15-20 diseases, including intestinal infections and diarrhea, caused by a dirty swimming pool. A quarter of the outbreaks were caused by bacteria, parasites and viruses that could be prevented if water pools chlorinated and monitored.

Nevertheless, do not trust your nose. “Many people feel that if the water smells of chlorine pool is definitely clean. In fact, the smell was actually the chloramines, a chemical compound derived from the mixing of chlorine, bacteria, urine and sweat,” said Mary Ostrowski, director of the chlorine issue of the American Chemistry Council.

In other words, the stinging chemical smell of a swimming pool actually indicates that the pool water was very dirty and need to be adjusted levels of chlorine and pH levels. Swimming pool is clean should not smell. Therefore, if the levels of chloramines have to smell, the pool water can irritate the eyes, skin, nose, people who swim in it.

Harmful bacteria such as Giardia, E. coli and cryptosporidium parasite can spread in swimming pools that do not have enough chlorine levels and pH levels are too low. Symptoms of disease caused by the bacteria could be diarrhea, nausea, dehydration, abdominal cramps, to lose weight.

To prevent diseases caused by bacteria in the pool, the American Chemistry Council issued the following tips:

- Avoid swallowing pool water
- Wet your body with water in the bathroom before entering the pool.
- Do not allow children to linger to soak in the pool water. When a pause, the child’s body flush with water.
- Wash hands after using the toilet.
- Swimming pool clean a ceramic floor is soft, not slippery or mossy.
- Make sure the base swimming pool in sight.

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Continue increasing the number of female patients with HIV in Indonesia prompted the government continues to anticipate. By holding a number of parties, the National AIDS Commission (NAC) to distribute one million free condoms to the public through the middle to lower Comprehensive Condom programs.

“What we are prioritizing is the citizens, especially housewives. That does not mean (a) do not have money can not be protected,” said Secretary of NAC, Dr. Nafsiah Mboi, when the signing of the Comprehensive Condom Program Agreement between the NAC, BKKBN, and the UN Foundation for Population Activities (UNFPA), Monday (07/05/2010) in Jakarta.

According to Dr. Nafsiah, this comprehensive condom uniqueness lies in the freedom of women to use condoms to protect themselves without having to depend on men.

Female condom is necessary because the level of male condom use remains low and is threatening the life partner. Women, said Nafsiah, is entitled to protect themselves against disease transmission and unintended pregnancy. Infection in women can cause infections in children / infants.

One million condoms that are available will be distributed to 12 provinces in Indonesia with 90 percent of the division to the NAC that will be distributed through outlets located in areas prone to AIDS, such as North Sumatra, Riau Islands, Java, Bali and Papua. Meanwhile, 10 percent will be given to the BKKBN to be used as the condom use campaign.

In addition, the NAC will use the services of a trainer to teach you how to use condoms correctly. Trainers must first use these condoms. “If already married, and he (the trainer) women, then had to try. If he was a boy, try it on his wife. If not married, have someone try because there are question and answer session about this,” continued Dr. Nafsiah.

Until now, condoms are available outlets in Indonesia has been placed in areas of localization. Until July 3000 the unit has been built. The plan in the next five years there will be increasing the number of condom outlets as much as 20,000 units.

Brain Function

Disease February 2nd, 2010

In the process of remembering, the brain plays a big role. The brain can be divided into left brain and right brain. Left brain functions associated with logic, numbers, writing, intelligence, calculation, analysis, and for short-term memory (short term memory). While we diguakan right brain for creativity, imagination, music, colors, shapes, emotions, and for long-term memory (long term memory).

Memories will be more durable if the recall using the right brain. To be able to remember it well, need to train the brain to function optimally. Unfortunately, more people are using left brain in the process of remembering. The left brain is more developed that most people without a balanced development of the right brain. Because the left brain is short-term memory, then the information stored in the left brain will be more easily forgotten.

Therefore, if you want to save in the right brain, the information must be changed into a story or picture. Because the right brain does not recognize text or numbers. Exercise is necessary in order to develop the right brain. There are several techniques that can be done.

Total Story Technique (TST)

This technique is carried out by making a short story of the things that we had memorized. For example we are going shopping at the supermarket to buy rice, shampoo, milk, gum, floor cleaner, eggs, soy, cheese, tomato sauce, a tissue. Rather than trying to memorize it, you better make the story for these things to Dewi Sri (the goddess of legend that describes the paddy rice) was shampooing (shampoo) with a bath of milk. While outside, the Mbok who was chewing gum with a swab (permbersih floor) have prepared an egg flavor soy sauce sprinkled with cheese and tomatoes are soft as tissue.

The story actually visualized and imagined. Develop your imagination by adding color, sound, objects and motion supporting the story. For example, imagine a pink bathing place of milk baths Dewi Sri, imagine the Mbok old and wearing a gray kebaya mopping the page, listen to the voice cud chewing gum in his mouth, and imagine that you taste the eggs that taste like ketchup, imagine an egg shape studded cheese and tomato sauce, and imagine that you can hold the egg and feel the softness of such tissue.

Make it a real shadow in front of you. With the example of this story, we have trained the right brain that functions in creativity and imagination. Creativity is created when we make a short story and imagination played a role when we visualize the story.

Total Word Technique (TWT)

In this technique the information you want to remember was changed to the abbreviations or if the information that will be remembered is the foreign words, can be converted into words that sound almost the same. This technique is often also called the bridge a donkey. After that, the newly created stories to be accepted by the right brain.

For example, when she had to memorize the eighth planet from the nearest sun. The sequence is Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. If you memorize it difficult, can be converted into a sentence “Driving a Vespa Not Toys, Judi Friend Urip reckless.”

Sentence using some of the letters before or the first syllable of the order of the planet who wants to remember. Riding to remember Mercury, Venus Vespa for, Not for the Earth’s, Toys for Mars, Judi to Jupiter, to Saturn’s Companions, Urip for Uranus, Neptune desperate for. By imagining the characters and that is being done, you can better remember it.

Total Number Technique (TNT)

This technique is used to remember the numbers. Because the right brain does not know the number or word, it needs to create stories in order to recognize the right brain. For example, you must remember the number 212,007,217,080,205. You can turn it into a story like Wiro Sableng (212) and James Bond (007), two (2) are following the ceremonies of independence (1708) on the day of national education (0205).

However, not every combination of numbers is a familiar figure as above. For that, you can make the story his own by turning it into code that can be accepted by the right brain that is in code form or sound. You can change the numbers into code form or sound like the following:
Beep Code Form Code Figures
0 Ball Megapode
1 Pole Shoes
2 The Old Duck
3 Ear Butter
4 Boat Ketupat Screen
5 Stomach Fat Pomegranate
6 Cigar Plant
7 hoes Shirt
8 Glasses Board
9 Racquet Road

Code forms and codes can also be created his own sound based on your creativity. Now you have to remember passwords such as 284 670, can be converted into a sentence:
Given the Form Code
Duck (2) with glasses (8) sailboat ride (4) with his right hand holding a cigar (6) and left hand holding a hoe (7) playing ball (0).

Given the Beep Code
The old grandfather (2) buy a board (8) and diamond (4) of the people who are planting (6) clothes (7) char (0).

Recall method described above is only a few examples of techniques that can be used to remember, because there are still other methods. Considering these methods will make you also managed to keep creative in creating a short story, imagining and mengimajinasikannya.

Your imagination will be more refined as you add colors in the shadow of your story, adding motion, smell, or anything else that your imagination even more attractive. If you can, make a funny story or a story that made no sense. This will help more remembered.

You can also try to teach it to children. Thus, memorization can be fun for them. It will also be a good exercise for the right brain that can spur creativity and optimize your child’s brain.

If you’ve tried to remember with these methods, the brain stores information on your right, the information will not be quickly forgotten and helps optimize brain and helps your memory. Good luck!