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Besides the face, acne can also appear on the neck, shoulders, or back. Depending on the fat glands and local skin condition. Actually, the handling of acne on his back or face are no different; reduce the production of fatty glands, regulate the release layer of skin so that no obstruction occurs and to reduce inflammation of the skin. If the acne on the back accompanied by itching, acne is probably not unusual but there is a fungal infection. Usually used for treating these conditions, the skin specialist will provide anti-fungal drugs.

Food is generally not directly related to the occurrence of acne. But foods containing excessive fat can cause acne. Antiseptic soap is highly recommended for skin with acne. Or you can use sulfur soap, which, besides containing antiseptic, also are reducing the fat / anti seborea. As an additional treatment, use the scrub. This one product can also be overcome acne, since beads can scrub exfoliate dead skin cells. But do not be excessive, just 1-2 weeks. If within two weeks of no change, do not hesitate to come to a dermatologist.

Sex Warts

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Diseases, including diseases of genital warts caused by sexual intercourse. Frequency or pengidapannya opportunities on men and women are equal. The disease is almost there in the world and is transmitted through direct skin contact.

Predisposing factors such as cleanliness, the presence of whitish fluid, or moisture from non-circumcised men.

Venereal wart (genital wart) in medical terms is called condyloma akuminatum. Papilloma viruses cause is humanus (HPV), a specific type. This disease thrives mainly in the folds of the humid areas, such as sex outside. In women who spend a lot of whitish liquid or a pregnant woman, the growth of the disease faster.

If the disease is still new pengidapan skin disorder that occurs in the form of growth that stemmed and reddish color. If you have long been somewhat blackish. Berjonjot surface. If secondary infection occurs, the color will change to reddish-gray and smells bad.

Some types of HPV has a high potential to cause cancer, such as frequently found in cervical cancer.

Treatment can be done with chemotherapy, a variety of surgically or with lasers. To get the most appropriate treatment to be consulted on the skin and venereal specialists.

When skin is dry, it needs water, not oil, to restore his health.

Skin is the first defense that held the body to fight disease and infection. Skin also protects internal organs from injury. Skin is the largest organ in the body. Maintain body temperature, preventing the loss of fluids, and helps the body remove excess water and salt.

The production process of new skin cells and removes dead skin cells take 28 days. Progressively increase the age of someone, the more thin and dry skin. This is because the destruction of collagen fiber. Skin’s elasticity is also reduced, especially if exposed to excessive sunlight.

Because of the evil effects of the sun on your skin, you need protection. Wear sunscreen cream. If not, your skin might arise brown spots, or pigment was not uniformly. In fact, skin cancer can strike. Learn tricks to prevent skin cancer in the next article.

Vaginal infections are still a nuisance which is often complained by women. How to actually prevent various types of vaginal infections do not occur?

At least there is some kind of infection that occurs in the vagina, ie Bacterial vaginsis, Trichomonas, and Candisiasis. Bacterial vaginosis is a common vaginal disorder characterized by whitish-talk and smell delicious. This is caused by lactobacillus decreases, bacterial pathogens (infectious agents) increases, and increased vaginal pH. The prevalence of vaginal infection is believed to affect 25-50% of women

Some symptoms of bacterial vaginosis include vaginal mucus less, homogeneous, grayish white, and smelled fishy. Other symptoms are not a lot of irritation. This disruption risk of preterm delivery, sometimes causing inflammation of the pelvis, and pregnancy outside the womb.

Other types of infections are Trichomoniasis, caused by the parasite Trichomonas. This disruption is a sexually transmitted disease. The infection is often in conjunction with Bacterial vaginosis. Symptoms worsen after menstruation. 70% of men infected after contact with an infected woman Trichomonas. The prevalence of infection is believed to affect 20-40% of women.

While Cadidiasis a vaginal infection caused by the fungus Candida albicans. Symptoms of infection include itching, vaginal mucus shaped like the head of milk, and smelly. Other symptoms are vaginal pain, burning sensation at the vulva (the outside of the vagina), painful intercourse, and pain berkemlh. The prevalence of infection is believed to affect 5-15% of women

Balancing Ecosystem Vagina
Keeping the vaginal ecosystem balance is the most powerful way to prevent infection fimbulnya. Vaginal ecosystem is a circle of life that exist in the vagina that is influenced by two main elements namely estrogen and Laktobacillus bacteria (good bacteria).

Estrogen determine the amount or concentration of glycogen (stored glucose as energy in human body cells) in the vaginal epithelial cells. Glycogen is also a nutrition and Lactobacillus will be metabolized to its growth.

Metabolism is lactic acid, which determines the acid environment in the vagina, with a pH range of 3.8 to 4.2. With the level of acidity, Lactobacillus fixation and bakeries will be fertile pathogen will die. That way, any infection can be prevented.

Although researchers have proved a link between stress and increased risk of disease, there are no studies that prove the direct link between stress and certain diseases. To be sure, the stress build your immune system. When stress, nerves send signals to the brain immediately advise the neural network to respond to stress. After that heart rate, respiration and blood pressure increase. These changes inhibit the digestion and the immune response.

Here are some stress-related illnesses:
1. Heart disease
In the 1950s, the researchers proved that aggressive, impatient, competitive, and temperamental personality aka Type A heart attack is more vulnerable than Type B personalities are very opposite. Researchers now believe that stress is not only responsible for heart attacks, but also angina, high blood pressure, and stroke.

2. Gastrointestinal Diseases
We often hear there are people who directly or vomiting stomach pain was so taxable stress. Crohn’s disease, chronic diarrhea, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a manifestation of stress on our digestive system.

3. Obesity
Stress is responsible for obesity. This occurs when people cope with stress by eating ice cream or chocolate. In fact, obesity is a major risk factor for heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and so forth.

4. Psychological illness
Stress causes depression, panic and anxiety. Stress also triggers addiction drugs and alcohol. People tend mencarri stress both to relieve symptoms of depression, panic, and anxiety.

5. Flu
Because stress weakens the immune system, people who suffer from chronic stress are more vulnerable flu, upper respiratory infections and other infections.

6. Cancer
Indeed there has been no direct link between cancer and stress that is clinically proven. However, many cancer patients believe that if they saw a link back to the beginning of the emergence of young cancer and tough times in life stressful mereka.Sumber: Senior