What are the benefits of fruits, especially fruits that grow in tropical Indonesia? Fruits are generally a source of vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fats, fiber your body needs for digestion, and various other properties such as beta carotene.

Call it a typical tropical fruit, like papaya, tangerines, bananas, mangoes marionette, and avocado. Rows of this fruit contains vitamins A, B, C, as well as calcium and iron. Not only that, typical of tropical fruits that are easily found all around you this, rich in variety and nutritional properties.

Source of vitamins A, B, C, calcium, iron, fiber and treat digestive properties, as urine and antiamuba peluruh.

Source of vitamins A, B, C, calcium, iron, with properties to prevent canker sores, increases stamina, and increases the appetite.

Source of vitamins A, B, C, calcium, minerals (phosphorus and potassium), carbohydrates, by virtue overcome constipation, and fruit that are safe for consumption because of low cholesterol and fat.

Source of vitamins C, A, minerals (phosphorus) with high blood pressure lowering properties.

Source of vitamins C, A nutritious overcome excessive sweating, and treating kidney and prostate inflammation.

A number of other fruits like pineapple, as an efficacious anti-inflammatory and mild analgesic, and heal the sprain or dislocate. While the mangosteen fruit, nutritious overcome cough, tonsillitis, hemorrhoids, and dysentery.

Typical local fruit such as sapodilla, bark, and guava become a source of minerals that contain iron. In mineral resources with the content of phosphorus can also be met from the melon, soursop, and avocado.

Avocados, other than vitamins C, A, and minerals, is also a source of unsaturated fat (the fat content as much as 50-70 percent). No saturated fat or fat the body needs essential for the development of cell membranes. Even more optimal child growth and development with an adequate intake of essential fats, including the avocado.

Unfortunately, as domestic producers of varieties of tropical fruits, fruit consumption in Indonesia is still low. Director of Directorate of Fruit Farming, Ir Winny Dian Wibawa, MSc, mention of fruit consumption in Indonesia is only 32.67 kilograms per capita (per person) within a year. Whereas the FAO standard FBB fruit consumption of a country ideally 65 kilograms per capita per year.

“The purchasing power of people who are still low into the factors causing the lack of fruit consumption in Indonesia,” said Winny, in commemoration of World Fruit and July 1.

Practically, ideally one person should consume 10 servings of fruit (see 10 pieces that are safe for consumption) of different types and colors, each day. If not used, try to at least five servings of fruits (see measure servings of fruit) every day.

If the habit of eating fruit is served, it seems all the diseases can be avoided. Although there are certain fruits that actually have an impact unhealthy for the body, such as durian cooked with alcohol content is too high.

Large statue of Ravana’s army, the leadership of Hanuman monkey, one of the sequences from the epic Ramayana, decorate the main street gate of the Botanical Gardens in Bedugul Tabanan, Bali, late last year.

Kompas.com – A walk in the forest or the shady park by the trees not only soothes the eyes but also healthy body and soul. A series of studies have proved it.

The health benefits of activities to spend some time in a place of green according to the experts come from increasing the body’s immune system. Research shows, phytoncides, the chemical in air that issued the plants to protect them from decay and insect attack, it is also beneficial to humans.

Research conducted in Japan also strengthens the evidence of the benefits of a walk in the park. Activities run in the open as a therapeutic treatment is also called the Shinrin-Yoku or forest bath.

In a study involving 280 researchers healthy people who were divided into two groups. On the first day, they were asked to walk through the woods or shady area by the trees for several hours while others walk in urban areas.

On the second day, the two groups swap places. The researchers found that people who walk in the forest areas, the stress hormone cortisol in their body or lower. In addition, blood pressure and heart rate were also lower them.

Other studies have shown, visit the green for two hours each day will also increase the number of white blood cells, namely natural killer cells of pathogens. Another study mentions, phytoncides exposure for a week will increase the levels of white blood cells.

a unique appearance. Does not look like most of the leaves of other plants. He only composed of rod-rod-like bones are green. That’s why is called a fracture. Sap had many virtues.

With the trunk and branches are arranged zigzag transverse irregular, broken, almost without leaves, these plants seem quaint and unique. Because of the unique, more people use it as an ornamental plant. However, there is also a deliberately planted for medicinal plant collection.

Wahono, observers medicinal plants that live in Pondok Cabe, Tangerang, claimed to know these fractures plants from the parent. “People used to call it urip wood. Because even though the stem has been broken for the sap is taken, he can still grow, even up to two meters, “he said.

The parts of plants are often used for medicinal bark and sap. Fractures in white sap like milk, containing compounds euphorbone, taraksasterol, alaktucerol, euphol, resins which felt a sharp, astringent gum, and bitter substances.

Used as boreh to the skin
The ancient healers use a combination of bark and sap of this plant to treat bone fractures, as noted in note Kloppenburgh Versteegh, Indonesian traditional medicine experts of Dutch nationality. Way, the bark of this plant is finely milled and mixed with oil, then used as boreh in the skin, in areas with broken bones. After that, given the bark of cottonwoods and bandaged.

Today the use of these plants for the case of a broken bone is not unusual anymore. Moreover, there was a more modern treatment methods, such as injection pain and installation of plaster.

Giving borehan plant cottonwoods broken bones and skin only for first aid measures. Usually as a pain reliever and antiseptic.
Nevertheless, as revealed Wahono, sap-green stems of plants can heal wounds such as cut, cut, or hit by flying glass. There are also exploiting the sap to remove warts, or in medical language is called benign tumors.

“It could also reduce the itching in a mole and the results are quite good. For warts, of course only effective if the size is still small or start to grow. If you’ve already large, would no longer effective. In addition, the treatment should also be routine, at least put two times a day, “he said.

Keep away from eyes
One thing to note when the advantage is to avoid direct contact with the sap of the eye. Gum fractures contain dangerous toxins. When exposed to the eyes, the sap will cause itching and swelling of the eyelids.

If you already contaminated, as first aid, wash the eyes with boiled water, then immediately consult a physician. Relief of late is not impossible that it may cause blindness.

The use of bone fractures as a medicinal plant had faded a few moments. However, it does not mean his name just sank. In many regions in Indonesia, a broken bone is still popular. Some call urip wood, wood susuru, fishing Towo (because of its odd and get a laugh), or Tikel cockscomb.

Now the prestige of Latin plant named Euphorbia tirucalli Linn was sticking out again. Close relative of the ornamental plant Euphorbia millii also started bred back.

Oles enough sap
Actually there are not many ways of utilizing plants commonly called a broken bone or wood urip (Java). However, please note, the sap should not be in contact with the ball because it could create a blind eye.

Also advisable if you would use the broken bones as a remedy, use a fairly old branch. Old branches produce more sap than the young.

Here beberpa usage examples:

• Break the bones of this plant, better choose the old. Once out the sap, directly apply to diseased parts of the body. This sap is believed to eliminate disturbances in the skin such as warts or moles.

• When applying latex, you should be careful not to hit other parts of the body. Leave it for a while until the sap dries. After that, rinse with clean water.

Big-city life hard unwittingly forcing citizens to compete. Challenging conditions and competition makes people become stressed which could eventually culminate in the emergence of various diseases, from mild to severe impressed like heart disease and cancer.

It was felt by Putu Oka Sukanta acupuncturist who started receiving a lot of patients with various illnesses caused by stress.

“Patients who come to my place with a variety of complaints, but after the sorted sequence is apparently the cause of discomfort in the workplace, there is disappointment, a sense of oppression by the occupation and the environment,” said Putu Oka Sukanta when met at his clinic in Warta Kota Rawamangun, Wednesday .

Patients with a variety of complaints that will inevitably have to reveal to the Putu. At least, during the first visit the patient should be able to open up the disease, symptoms, and early because patients suffering from the disease.

For, if the patient refuses to tell her the problem, then Putu also reluctant to help heal patients. Because for Putu, both medical and traditional medicine, and any form of treatment, will not be able to cure the patient if the root problem of illness is unknown.

In fact, Putu insisted on trying to open the patient’s problem at the first visit. Although, there are also some new patient known why on subsequent visits. Like patients who suffer migraine pain every day before 08:00 o’clock.

It turns out that the patient has a problem in the office so that he always felt hesitant to go to the office. When he was thinking of leaving or not, her head dizzy. But when she made up her mind, his headache disappeared, Putu said.

Things like these are to be understood when medicating patients klinilmya. If the root of the problem is already known, Putu will give patients the option to choose which form of treatment will dijalaiii them. -

No wonder if the new patient can be 15 to 30 minutes in his office. Putu will provide sufficient time for the patient and the disease may reveal the problem. In fact, Putu could invite patients to discuss things outside of his illness problems.

At three times a week provides acupuncture treatment, Putu did not give a schedule to die on his patients. It will give you CHOICES in accordance with the needs and abilities of the patient. He also continued to provide an explanation that, in theory, could be carried out patient treatment three times a week.

“I do not help to solve the problem of the patient if the fix medication time. But I still recommend three times a week and a decision in the hands of patients. Always be given leeway and he’s got time to decide the time of treatment,” said Putu Oka.

Even for people who have a very remote area of residence outside of Jakarta, the father of one child will give his fellow reference acupuncturists are in the same town with the patient. For Putu, the more patients get leeway in deciding their own treatment time, then it can help patients overcome the problem.

Because after all, patients still have limited time or material that makes them need to define their own treatment.

There are also patients who are advised to take medication every day if the conditions of illness requiring intensive care. Again it is returned to the patient.

Nickname broccoli as superfood is not new. Numerous studies have shown that vegetables this one does have a kind of a natural ingredient that can fight cancer cells.

Based on the latest news, experts in England have been able to identify and explain the content of these anticancer mechanism of these substances interact with genes responsible for cancer development.

As published in the journal BioMed Central Molecular Cancer newest edition, the experts describe how the anticancer substance called sulforaphane works. Simply put, sulforaphane neutralize similar gene called PTEN. The gene is involved in the formation of prostate cancer cells.

Under normal conditions, PTEN will inhibit cancer development. However, in certain cells, this gene actually disappeared and was later going to trigger the growth of cancer.

The presence of sulforaphane seem to be able to reduce the influence of cells and loss of PTEN is able to prevent the cancer to grow and develop.

This conclusion was obtained after scientists at the Institute of Food Research Norwich Research Park to do a series of studies. The experts use the prostate tissue of male body and the cancer cells from rats. This finding would be new hope for the creation of a therapy for prostate cancer that attacks around 36 000 men each year.