Stop complaining

Health Care June 6th, 2010

If we continue to just complain about our jobs, our minds will be more depressed and jobs will not be finished too right? Try looking for a little positive value that can be taken, let’s just say this as a learning tool for you. Or think of something interesting that you would receive a salary.

Determine priorities

Indeed we can not do all the work at once, then decide where formerly a more important and must be completed. Do not think of another job, because it will make you disturbed concentration and slower job completion.

Stay relaxed and rested

How busy you are, when the hour break, use the best time to relax. If possible, use your break time to sleep at least 15 minutes. This can make your body and mind refreshed.

Eat nutritious food

Do not forget to keep attention to your diet to keep adequate nutrition. Adequate nutrition can make the body more healthy and vibrant. Try to eat enough fruit.

Back in time

If the job can be done tomorrow and you are not required overtime, go home on time. This will help you get more time to relax and unwind with the family.

Go on leave and refreshing

If you’re already very tired, try to go on leave on your boss. Use your time off to visit places that you like, such as a trip to the mountains or the beach. If possible, take the child or your family to vacation together.

Find another job

This is one option if you felt it was no longer able to perform your job. Try another search for a different job and your passion. But consider this formerly with previously cooked. – Having a husband, boyfriend or sehabat who smoke? Whether they’re ‘struggling’ to quit cigarettes? If yes, actual existence we can contribute a lot to help them.

The first thing that is very important to remember, quitting smoking is not an easy matter. So, if the way the people we love could ‘slip’ a few times, try not to blame and criticize all the effort they’ve done. When they were seen was in trouble, it could still give support and let them know how much we appreciate their efforts.

In order to support us on target, then the channel ‘form of love’ we are in accordance with the conditions they are facing.

To help newly decide to quit:

• Give encouragement to quit smoking gradually. We can start from casual discussions together about how to quit smoking. Give some of the best treatment options we’ve ever read or heard.
• Make sure they know why we want them to stop smoking, and give reasons on how important they are to us.
• To the maximum, do not do long discussion sessions (maximum five minutes), routinely 6-12 months.
• Then, we can also ask about what assistance we can to help them quit.

To help that has been stopped:

• The presence of family and closest friends is a source of support and motivation that are important to someone trying to quit smoking. But, for those who had stopped smoking, comfort is key to the success of their major.
• Divert your mind by getting them to do various fun activities together, such as sports or hobbies, so that cigarette addiction can be diverted.
• Do not forget to give them gifts as a reward for all the accomplishments they have achieved.
• If you are a successful quitter, we can share these valuable experiences, and perceived positive changes. Also, as someone who has been successful, we can also provide tips and tricks to overcome the hard times are like blocking in the middle of the journey.

To help the still relapse:

A success was not achieved easily. If the closest we’ve started to feel desperate and planned to end their struggle against smoking, we can push them back with:

• Give praise for the efforts and achievements that had they tried to get away from cigarettes. And, help fertilizer back confidence and confidence is there that they could do better than this.
• Then, encourage them to start doing the program to stop smoking again. Do not offer the word “If”, it is better immediately ask “When are you going to try the program to quit smoking again?”
• Create a business and learned from their own experiences. The things they learn directly in the field will enable them to achieve success in the future.
• Or, ask them to try to follow intensive care. And sure, they’re really ready to start again – Brushing your teeth is the number one defense against dental problems. This is especially if the activity is done properly brush teeth. Ie, two times a day, after breakfast and before bed, and reach the entire surface of the tooth.

“Brush your teeth just enough to remove bacteria if done perfectly. Germs or bacteria remaining in the mouth can be cleaned with a rinse or clean the surface of the tongue,” said Bahar drg.Arma Literature, Ph.D., dentistry and prevention experts from the Faculty of Dentistry Faculty of Medicine University Health / RSCM.

Brushing teeth properly, he explained, is to make sure the brush hairs can reach the lower surface of the gums and gums in addition to the tooth surface. Slowly, rub it with a toothbrush up and down motion (from the gums to the teeth). Then finish by brushing your tongue.

The composition of irregular teeth cleaning would make it difficult indeed. To clean the remnants of food left on teeth, can be done flossing or floss. “No harm done flossing, especially if irregular teeth,” he said.

Brushing your teeth regularly twice a day using fluoride toothpaste proven to reduce damage to teeth. Fluoride works meremineralisasi teeth, making it stronger and not easily perforated and eliminate the root of tooth sensitivity – The experts now consider stress as important health problems faced by modern man. Various studies show that stress can affect the efficacy of the immune system. Therefore, the stress associated with various diseases suspected, such as heart disease, hypertension, stroke, cancer, to impotence.

Actually, how the body reacts to stress? According to Dr Tan Yen Shot, in his book, I Choose Healthy and Heal, will spark the release of stress hormones and chemicals that formed the body that increases mental awareness, increased heart rate to increase blood flow to vital body organs, as anticipated needs more energy high.

The hormone is released when we stress is epinephrine and norepinephrine, known as fight or flight hormones (fight or flee). When prolonged stress, the hormone cortisol released. Hormin itself had many undesirable side effects in the long term, including insulin resistance and bone loss.

Stress is not necessarily derived from the emotional things that are not fun and want to avoid. Stress can also come from the things that made themselves unwitting (and even was considered a pleasure), as is the habit of playing video games and exciting.

The nerves will receive the same impulses as well as mental condition was “stuck”. Mental and emotional tension and the need to take action quickly dissipates epinephrine and norepinephrine with the same effects such as chronic stress and prolonged. – Enjoy water tour is fun. However, it must be noted also the lurking threat of cleanliness every visitor. It is important to remember every day the water attractions hundreds or even thousands of people crowded the recreation.

Recently reported one of eight public swimming pools in the United States was closed by the government because based on a surprise inspection found serious violations such as cleanliness of the water content of less or lack of equipment safety standards.

Center for disease control and prevention (CDC) in the U.S. has also undertaken to test the water quality samples than 120,000 swimming pools in 13 states. The test was considered the largest ever undertaken CDC on the cleanliness of water in the pool. Common violation found was the excessive use of disinfectants in swimming pools or where children play and bathe.

CDC estimates that, each year going 15-20 diseases, including intestinal infections and diarrhea, caused by a dirty swimming pool. A quarter of the outbreaks were caused by bacteria, parasites and viruses that could be prevented if water pools chlorinated and monitored.

Nevertheless, do not trust your nose. “Many people feel that if the water smells of chlorine pool is definitely clean. In fact, the smell was actually the chloramines, a chemical compound derived from the mixing of chlorine, bacteria, urine and sweat,” said Mary Ostrowski, director of the chlorine issue of the American Chemistry Council.

In other words, the stinging chemical smell of a swimming pool actually indicates that the pool water was very dirty and need to be adjusted levels of chlorine and pH levels. Swimming pool is clean should not smell. Therefore, if the levels of chloramines have to smell, the pool water can irritate the eyes, skin, nose, people who swim in it.

Harmful bacteria such as Giardia, E. coli and cryptosporidium parasite can spread in swimming pools that do not have enough chlorine levels and pH levels are too low. Symptoms of disease caused by the bacteria could be diarrhea, nausea, dehydration, abdominal cramps, to lose weight.

To prevent diseases caused by bacteria in the pool, the American Chemistry Council issued the following tips:

- Avoid swallowing pool water
- Wet your body with water in the bathroom before entering the pool.
- Do not allow children to linger to soak in the pool water. When a pause, the child’s body flush with water.
- Wash hands after using the toilet.
- Swimming pool clean a ceramic floor is soft, not slippery or mossy.
- Make sure the base swimming pool in sight.