JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Efforts to get someone’s attention can be quite varied. He bought her flowers, give her a gift or extra attention may be one of them. But how can you believe that he’s interested in you? Consider his voice. Because, maybe this is one answer.

A recent study published in the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior states that sound levels can be used as an indication of increasing sexual desire of the opposite sex.

“The voice can communicate social and biological information that can indicate whether someone excited or vice versa,” said Susan Hughes, an assistant professor of psychology at Albright College in Reading Pennsylvania, USA.

Hughes and his team conducted research by studying the behavior of 45 students, average age 21 years. There were 20 male and 25 female students were involved. As many as 79 percent of this group consisted of whites, 12.5 percent of African-Americans, Asians 6.3 percent and 2.1 percent Hispanic.

During the study, respondents using communication via Skype. Their voices were recorded and analyzed. They called and left a voice message after seeing the frontal facial image fictional individuals who receive the message. This fictitious individuals have varying appeal.

“We found that both sexes use a lower voice and show a higher level of excitement when talking with the targets of the opposite sex,” said Hughes.

Hughes initially thought the women would raise his voice control to sound more feminine, but it happened just the opposite.

“It seems to be stereotyped in our culture that a woman’s voice is hoarse and low tone indicating a woman is sexy. This indicates, the motivation to show naked women could be motivated to speak out against the more feminine,” she said.

Hughes said, lowering her voice to show attraction is probably a learned behavior from cultural stereotypes conveyed through the media. “When a woman is naturally lowered his voice, it can be considered as an attempt to sound more seductive or attractive, and because it serves as a signal of romanticism,” said Hughes.

There is much evidence that shows that someone is manipulating her voice when talking with different people and in different situations. For example, a woman’s voice sounded more competent when talking to their bosses rather than subordinates or peers. While the male voice more competent when talking with her friends. People also tend to raise their voice when trying to deceive people.

“I am a man aged 35, wife of 29 years. We’ve been married for two years, but had no children. We have yet to see a doctor because it thought there was no problem and has not been prioritized to have children now.

I am an active fitness before marriage, for purposes of builiding body. A few days ago I read that the steroid hormone drug that is often used for the formation of muscle, can cause side effects, among other fertility disorders.

Frankly, since three years ago I got an injection of hormones to build muscle. Injections that I bought at the gym. I injected two times a week. The results are good, which is developing the muscles of the body so as now.

Please explain, what was the news that I read it? What does it mean I would have fertility problems? Is it because the wife is not pregnant?
T.S, Jakarta

Securities abuse
Anabolic hormone abuse issues had been long outstanding, not only in Indonesia but also in other countries including the United States. The difference, in developed countries, the public increasingly understood and increasingly cautious against the abuse of these hormones. On the other hand, state regulations are very strict and properly implemented.

Conversely, in our country, people do not understand so easily be targeted illegal sales of hormone drug. We also have a regulatory drug use, but as usual, the rules only to the extent sentences on paper. Violations of regulations occurred invisible and left alone.

Not long issue that on some gym Anabolic hormones such sale is intended to stimulate muscle growth. Some of my patients showed testosterone injectable drug which is said to be purchased at the gym.

Like your statement above, he also recommended using it twice a week injections. Of course, use testosterone without proper indications, without examination, and without following the correct procedure is an abuse. Any misuse of drugs can cause side effects that result in complications and even worse.

If you have good muscle development, of the hormone testosterone, which you use twice a week. Of course be aware of possible side effects appear, which you may not realize.

Abuse of testosterone can cause some side effects and complications, including aggressiveness, depression, enlarged breasts, bigger sound, testicular shrinking, and fertility disorders.

Whether you have experienced side effects or not, of course must undergo examination. Particularly those related to fertility disorders, the examination is required. To be sure, if you have sexual intercourse regularly without contraception for one year but not yet pregnant, it means that you and your wife including a couple who are infertile.

KOMPAS.com – Life Begins at 40! Hm … This magic sentence was not just a consolation to you who were preparing to enter the age of four heads. Particularly for matters of sex, because sex was more enjoyable this age for women. Baseball believe? This is the result of research, you know.

University of Texas, who recruit 900 women in a survey, stating that just because you start to decline physically, does not mean you join decreased libido. Their results showed, by the age of 40 years, women tend to have more sexual fantasies.

According to the researchers, it is caused by the instincts of women that their chances to get pregnant and have children already closed, thus reducing anxiety and ultimately to increase their desire for sexual intercourse.

In this social experiment, 900 women surveyed were divided into three groups: first, the most fertile (age 19-26 years), both of which began to experience decline in fertility (ages 27-45 years), and the third, who had entered menopause .
Women are included in the second group appeared to have a higher libido and adventurous nature than those which enter in the first and third groups.

“The results of this study showed that women with decreased fertility in fact have greater sexual motivation and sexual behavior that increases, rather than the fertility of women is still relatively high,” said Professor David Buss, of the University of Texas.

The existence of this research is expected to help facilitate conception before pregnancy chances of women has been closed due to declining fertility. Another researcher, Dr Pam Spurr says that women in their late 30s often seem to be able to enjoy life. There are among them those who are aware of the cause, some are not. Those who realize this is generally a better understanding of fertility levels after a certain age, and dare to express what he wanted against the couple.

Male drug users to overcome the problem of impotence such as Viagra and similar tend to be more susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Average infection case was found higher than those not taking the drug, according a recent study in the United States.

Average infection is even higher, even in the years before these guys get a prescription drug, which indicate that risky sexual behaviors become the main thing, the researchers said in research published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine.

Lead researcher from Harvard Medical School in Boston, Dr Anupam Jena, declare, these findings indicate that before writing a prescription treatment of erectile dysfunction, physicians should conduct intense discussions with patients about the importance of safe sex behavior, even though elderly patients.

In its study, the researchers analyzed insurance records from about 1.4 million American men over the age of 40 years. “Although cases of STDs are less common among older men, ie, only one in 1,000 individuals, we found the average case of PMS in the male impotence drug users two to three times higher, both before and after they were given a first prescription, “said Dr Anupam who also worked at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Department of Medicine.

Drug used to treat erectile dysfunction became popular after sildenafil (Viagra) was introduced for the first time in 1998. In addition, there are also sold under the brand vardenafil and tadalafil Levitra sold under the brand name Cialis.

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Continue increasing the number of female patients with HIV in Indonesia prompted the government continues to anticipate. By holding a number of parties, the National AIDS Commission (NAC) to distribute one million free condoms to the public through the middle to lower Comprehensive Condom programs.

“What we are prioritizing is the citizens, especially housewives. That does not mean (a) do not have money can not be protected,” said Secretary of NAC, Dr. Nafsiah Mboi, when the signing of the Comprehensive Condom Program Agreement between the NAC, BKKBN, and the UN Foundation for Population Activities (UNFPA), Monday (07/05/2010) in Jakarta.

According to Dr. Nafsiah, this comprehensive condom uniqueness lies in the freedom of women to use condoms to protect themselves without having to depend on men.

Female condom is necessary because the level of male condom use remains low and is threatening the life partner. Women, said Nafsiah, is entitled to protect themselves against disease transmission and unintended pregnancy. Infection in women can cause infections in children / infants.

One million condoms that are available will be distributed to 12 provinces in Indonesia with 90 percent of the division to the NAC that will be distributed through outlets located in areas prone to AIDS, such as North Sumatra, Riau Islands, Java, Bali and Papua. Meanwhile, 10 percent will be given to the BKKBN to be used as the condom use campaign.

In addition, the NAC will use the services of a trainer to teach you how to use condoms correctly. Trainers must first use these condoms. “If already married, and he (the trainer) women, then had to try. If he was a boy, try it on his wife. If not married, have someone try because there are question and answer session about this,” continued Dr. Nafsiah.

Until now, condoms are available outlets in Indonesia has been placed in areas of localization. Until July 3000 the unit has been built. The plan in the next five years there will be increasing the number of condom outlets as much as 20,000 units.