Disease June 6th, 2010

More of this disease suffered by women. Migraine is a disease that attacks the brain and cause pain both physically and emotionally. Blood vessel dilation and inflammation of the brain is one of why the head ache. Although not clearly known cause, this disease is generally inherited disease.

What can be done is to try to prevent attacks of headaches and reduce pain when the attack occurred. Sometimes the attacks are not only attacking one side of the head but attacked both sides of the head.

Before the pulse strike the head, usually the patient will experience symptoms such as seeing flashing lights or commonly referred to as dizzy, seeing spots dark, wavy, saw the object becomes smaller, sensitive to the sight and sound or tingling in hands and feet. In emotion, a sign that can be experienced as anxiety, irritability, or stress. These symptoms are not always sure because every migraine sufferer can experience different symptoms.

Migraine Triggers

One way to avoid migraine attacks is by knowing what the cause of the attack. It is important to know the triggers that can cause migraine attacks. Avoiding the triggers means increasing chances of migraine. Some triggers of migraines include:

Changes in estrogen
The hormone estrogen in women can have many triggers of migraine. Especially when the number of estogen is not stable, for example at the time before and during menstruation, during pregnancy, contraceptive use, or if you are undergoing hormone therapy.
Sensory stimulation of the body
The light is too bright, the sound is too loud, or a certain smell to shine like the smell of perfume and cigarette smoke can be a trigger.
Changes in weather
Changes in extreme weather or the uncertain regulatory environment and changes in air pressure can be a migraine trigger.
Unusual sleep schedule
If your sleep patterns are not as usual. For example, a short period of sleep and even sleeping too long can make you experience a migraine. If you’re new to travel, jet lag can also be the cause.
Exercise or physical activity that is heavier than usual can increase chances of migraine.
Food and Drink
The content contained in foods and beverages can be a trigger. Alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine or the content of caffeine contained in coffee should be avoided. Mengkonsusmsi chocolate, old cheese, foods that contain MSG or preservatives lot is also a migraine trigger.

Trigger the one shown above are some common triggers, but no guarantee is because your migraine triggers of migraine triggers on each person could have been different. To be able to find out what triggers your migraines, make a note of when the migraine attack, what you eat or drink, what activities will be done before you experience a migraine. Note is made every time a migraine attack. By analyzing the records, is expected to know what triggers your migraines.

Prevent migraines

No doubt, one of the causes of migraine is due to the heavy thoughts. For that, try to calm your mind. Do the relaxation of the mind, for example by doing your hobby, gardening, listening to music or other activities that are fun to you.

In addition to the mind, physically also need to receive training in order to stay in top shape, exercise regularly should be a thing that can not be forgotten. Sport is sport should be selected with a mild physical activity, such as walking, aerobics, or biking.

A good sleep patterns will support health and prevent migraine attacks you. Sleep should be within a reasonable time, the period for adults should sleep 6-8 hours a day. If possible, should sleep and wake at the same time every day.

If you currently are running the hormone therapy, you should discuss this with your doctor before you can be the solution. This is because migraines can also be caused by changes in hormone estrogen.

Treating Migraine

The first step that can be done when a migraine attack is to try to relax and calm the mind. Sleep in a quiet and dark place while trying to relax. You can put the ice that has been wrapped in cloth to put on the back of the head. Then do the gentle massage to the head.

If you are frequently attacked by migraine, a doctor should do to get the right treatment. In addition, the examination is also useful to know for sure if you experience headache is migraine disease or other headaches because sometimes, other heads of disease showed symptoms similar to migraine. Continue to lead healthy lifestyles and avoiding migraine triggers migraine that did not approach.

Coughing Causes

Disease May 5th, 2010

Coughing is actually a form of the body’s reaction to remove a foreign object into the respiratory tract. Foreign object in question could be dust, mucus, or other foreign objects. This is actually a normal reaction and serves to protect ourselves.

Coughing is an expulsion of air is roughly to clean the lungs from substances that are dangerous when disturbed respiratory began. Coughing can also be a deliberate attempt to cleanse the throat. However, to keep in mind, a cough can spread germs that cause disease.

Generally mild cough that afflict us are coughing due to colds or cough symptoms of influenza are usually incurred when the changing seasons. Coughing like this is usually not long, after sufficient rest or take medication free on the market, the symptoms will subside and disappear.

Disease Causes Coughs

However, if the cough does not heal in a long time, probably cause of cough is a disease to be aware of. Such as sneezing, coughing can also spread the disease. Here are some diseases that are often characterized by a cough.

Tuberculosis (TB / TB)
This disease attacks the lungs and contagious. Is a fatal disease if not treated promptly or routinely treat it. The sufferer will experience a cough that is often good enough at the time of day or night. Another feature is the patient’s body is increasingly thin. TB does not only attack the adults, because many found the children who contract the disease.
Asthma is a disease caused by narrowing of the respiratory tract. The trigger can vary and differ from one person to another. Some asthma triggers are dust, cold air, and smoke. Identify the triggers that can be prevented as much as possible in patients with asthma attacks. Symptoms usually occur was coughing or shortness of breath will increase at night. This disease is a recurrent disease, so for people with asthma should always be prepared salve similar respiratory inhalers that can be smoked at any time.
Part of being attacked in this disease are the lungs. Ordinary known as wet lung, because if attacked by this disease, the lungs become inflamed and infected and lead to the lungs, there is water or mucus. In addition to cough, other symptoms are high fever and chills. Immediately consult a doctor or hospital to be addressed.
Pertussis, also known as whooping cough. Cough is caused by bad bacteria that cause lung infections. Feature on cough continuously for several times and ended with panting breath. Coughing is dangerous when small children or babies overwrite, because the cough is persistent and long may cause them to lack of oxygen. Cough also known as whooping cough or cough of 100 days was transmitted when a liquid spray nose or mouth of people infected with this disease on anyone else who can then become infected as well.
This disease is caused by viral infection of the small airways of lung. When exposed to this disease, the patient will cough accompanied by a sound like whistling while breathing.

Do not sepelekan experienced when coughing constantly. Immediately consult a doctor or hospital to find out more clearly the cause of cough. Leaving too long without getting the right treatment will aggravate the condition of the patient. In addition, most diseases that cause a cough is contagious so it can make family members or people who were nearby also are affected.

Medical Check Up

Disease April 4th, 2010

Covered in the regular medical check ups are blood tests, examination urology, inspection and examination of bone density hormone. From the results of blood tests, can be known as cholesterol, blood sugar and liver function. However, how do I know what it means to the contents of this test which is a normal number? The following information can be a reference when you check your body’s health.
LDL (Low Density Protein)

Commonly called bad cholesterol. This makes clogging cholesterol in the blood vessels. Range healthy numbers are:
Description Figures
<159 Healthy, smaller means better
159 highest normal limit
160-189 not healthy, you should change your diet and lifestyle
> 190 It is not healthy, because the risk of stroke or heart disease

HDL (High Density Protein)

The opposite of LDL, this is the good cholesterol because it will bring the existing cholesterol to the liver to the blood vessels which would then be removed from the body. Would be better if the body has a lot of good cholesterol. Range healthy numbers are:
Description Figures
<40 It’s not healthy
> 60 Healthy

Total Cholesterol

Ie the amount of bad cholesterol (LDL) and good cholesterol (HDL). Range healthy numbers are:
Description Figures
<200 Healthy
200-239 Carefully
> 240 is not healthy, try to increase HDL and lower LDL levels

Triglycerides (TG)

The fat that comes from the food consumed, for example of fatty foods or high carbohydrate foods. Range healthy numbers are:
Description Figures
<150 Healthy
150-199 Carefully
200-499 not healthy, limit the consumption of fatty foods and fibrous foods multiply
> 499 Very unhealthy. Consult your doctor to get a good handling.

Blood Sugar

Excess blood sugar can cause diabetes or diabetes with a result quite dangerous. Produced different numbers depending on when taking blood.
Sugar levels after fasting

Fasting sugar, which was taken after a person fasted for at least 8 hours. Score ranges as follows:
Description Figures
<110 mg / dL Healthy
110-125 mg / dL Beware, in the range of this figure means that you have prediabetes
> 126 mg / dL is not healthy, in this figure means that you have diabetes

Fasting sugar levels without

Blood glucose, which is taken at any time without prior fasting.
Description Figures
<110 mg / dL Healthy
110-199 mg / dL Careful, including prediabetes
> 200 mg / dL is not healthy, in this figure means that you have diabetes

Liver Function

To determine whether or not liver function needs to be done examination of SGOT and SGPT, which is contained in liver enzymes. Increasing the number of SGOT and SGPT showed something was wrong in liver cells.
Description Figures
0-30 U / I Healthy
> 30 There is something wrong in your heart

Description Figures
0-45 U / I Healthy
> 45 There is something wrong in your heart

Uric acid
The disease is caused due to excess uric acid purine substances. You may feel soreness or pain, especially in joints. Gender affect the number of healthy, range is:
Gender Healthy Figures
Male 3.7 to 7.6 mg / dl
Female 2.5 to 6.0 mg / dl

Blood Pressure

Is the pressure on artery walls when the heart is pumping blood. Commonly measured is the pressure conditions at the time the heart contracts (usually called the upper limit) and at the heart of relaxation (usually called the lower limit). High blood pressure can be dangerous because it can cause stroke and other diseases. High blood pressure is often referred to people as high blood pressure or hypertension. Range healthy numbers are:
Systolic blood pressure (first number) Diastolic (second number)
Low blood or hypotension Under 90 Under 60
Normal 90-120 60-80
Pre-hypertension 120-140 80-90
High blood pressure or hypertension (stage 1) 140-160 90-100
High blood pressure or hypertension (stage 2 / dangerous) Above 160 Above 100

Hormones are found not only produced by males, these hormones in a woman remained there only in very small amounts. Range healthy numbers are:
Gender Healthy Figures
Men 15 to 26.5 pg / mL
Female 1.4 to 2.2 pg / mL

TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone)
To find out if there are abnormalities in the thyroid. Healthy numbers range is between 0.35 to 2.1 mU / L.

PSA (prostate specific antigen)
Is a hormone produced by the male prostate gland. When you are in the range of numbers are not healthy can mean a man has prostate enlargement or prostate cancer. Figures soundness is between 0 to 2.6 ng / ml.


Examination of bone has a purpose to prevent someone from having osteoporosis. This examination is called densitometry or Dexa scan. Range healthy numbers are:
Figures T-score Description
> -1 Healthy
-1 To -2.5 Careful, your bone mass is too low and therefore susceptible to osteoporosis


Disease March 3rd, 2010

Referred to as the wind sits, or because people who experience angina may die suddenly. Maybe when the sitting was suddenly the person died. The wind sits in touch with the heart. Since there is no term in medicine, the term is similar to angina pectoris wind sit is characterized by chest pain on the left.

The heart is located on the inside of your left breast. The heart is starved of oxygen will cause pain, that’s why you left chest pain. And chest pain can feel like pressure lasting from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. The pain may spread down to your left shoulder and arm. So in essence, the wind sitting or angina is ischemic heart disease, caused by the decreasing supply of oxygen and blood flow to the heart.

Broadly speaking, the pain caused by lack of oxygen can occur due to two causes. The first, due to blockage of blood vessels around the heart that carries oxygen. As a result of this bottleneck is the lack of oxygen from the amount needed. The cause of both is the presence of heavy activity that resulted in increase in oxygen is more than usual. Activities that can cause oxygen demand, such as during exercise, climbing, or while experiencing stress.

Angina Symptoms

Pain or feeling pressured in the chest, a symptom that can be felt most when exposed to wind. Angina can be a warning for half of those who suffer a heart attack. Some people get breathless or exhausted and feeling limp as the symptoms. This indicates that the heart is not getting enough oxygen because of coronary blockage. If you frequently experience these things, immediately to the doctor to examine your heart. However, after given the treatment of angina, there is no guarantee that heart attacks can be prevented. However, these treatments will reduce the risk of heart attack in the near future.

Avoid Angina

Note also figures quite healthy body is important for your body, for example by maintaining:

Blood pressure
Blood pressure can cause an attack of angina pectoris due to high blood pressure can make the body’s need for oxygen increases. Learn more about high blood pressure or hypertension, you can find in the article of hypertension.
Sugar Levels
High glucose levels will hamper the process of entry of oxygen to the heart. More info on blood sugar and diabetes, you can find in the article: Diabetes.
Cholesterol levels should be monitored because the stopper that is commonly found in blood vessels is fat or cholesterol plaque. Learn more about cholesterol, you can find in the article: Cholesterol.

Perform simple blood tests often indicate the dangers that await a long time before someone is having symptoms that look like angina. So, it is important to check their blood cholesterol level, blood sugar levels, and also your blood pressure. Keeping these things in normal limits become important to avoid angina.

Overcoming Angina

Someone who felt pain in the chest, you should immediately improve their lifestyle and consult your doctor. If the condition is left unattended, it’s most likely it will trigger a fatal heart attack.

Additionally, unhealthy lifestyles become a common thing that causes angina and more severe stage of heart attacks. Smoking habits, never exercise, foods with high cholesterol, obesity or stress can be a trigger.

Angina is an indication that something was not right in your heart because if not done the changes may cause heart attacks can be fatal. Immediately change the pattern of life to run a healthy lifestyle. Do not forget to exercise regularly and if you have angina attacks or the wind sits, or ever had heart disease should select a sport that not too heavy.

Brain Function

Disease February 2nd, 2010

In the process of remembering, the brain plays a big role. The brain can be divided into left brain and right brain. Left brain functions associated with logic, numbers, writing, intelligence, calculation, analysis, and for short-term memory (short term memory). While we diguakan right brain for creativity, imagination, music, colors, shapes, emotions, and for long-term memory (long term memory).

Memories will be more durable if the recall using the right brain. To be able to remember it well, need to train the brain to function optimally. Unfortunately, more people are using left brain in the process of remembering. The left brain is more developed that most people without a balanced development of the right brain. Because the left brain is short-term memory, then the information stored in the left brain will be more easily forgotten.

Therefore, if you want to save in the right brain, the information must be changed into a story or picture. Because the right brain does not recognize text or numbers. Exercise is necessary in order to develop the right brain. There are several techniques that can be done.

Total Story Technique (TST)

This technique is carried out by making a short story of the things that we had memorized. For example we are going shopping at the supermarket to buy rice, shampoo, milk, gum, floor cleaner, eggs, soy, cheese, tomato sauce, a tissue. Rather than trying to memorize it, you better make the story for these things to Dewi Sri (the goddess of legend that describes the paddy rice) was shampooing (shampoo) with a bath of milk. While outside, the Mbok who was chewing gum with a swab (permbersih floor) have prepared an egg flavor soy sauce sprinkled with cheese and tomatoes are soft as tissue.

The story actually visualized and imagined. Develop your imagination by adding color, sound, objects and motion supporting the story. For example, imagine a pink bathing place of milk baths Dewi Sri, imagine the Mbok old and wearing a gray kebaya mopping the page, listen to the voice cud chewing gum in his mouth, and imagine that you taste the eggs that taste like ketchup, imagine an egg shape studded cheese and tomato sauce, and imagine that you can hold the egg and feel the softness of such tissue.

Make it a real shadow in front of you. With the example of this story, we have trained the right brain that functions in creativity and imagination. Creativity is created when we make a short story and imagination played a role when we visualize the story.

Total Word Technique (TWT)

In this technique the information you want to remember was changed to the abbreviations or if the information that will be remembered is the foreign words, can be converted into words that sound almost the same. This technique is often also called the bridge a donkey. After that, the newly created stories to be accepted by the right brain.

For example, when she had to memorize the eighth planet from the nearest sun. The sequence is Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. If you memorize it difficult, can be converted into a sentence “Driving a Vespa Not Toys, Judi Friend Urip reckless.”

Sentence using some of the letters before or the first syllable of the order of the planet who wants to remember. Riding to remember Mercury, Venus Vespa for, Not for the Earth’s, Toys for Mars, Judi to Jupiter, to Saturn’s Companions, Urip for Uranus, Neptune desperate for. By imagining the characters and that is being done, you can better remember it.

Total Number Technique (TNT)

This technique is used to remember the numbers. Because the right brain does not know the number or word, it needs to create stories in order to recognize the right brain. For example, you must remember the number 212,007,217,080,205. You can turn it into a story like Wiro Sableng (212) and James Bond (007), two (2) are following the ceremonies of independence (1708) on the day of national education (0205).

However, not every combination of numbers is a familiar figure as above. For that, you can make the story his own by turning it into code that can be accepted by the right brain that is in code form or sound. You can change the numbers into code form or sound like the following:
Beep Code Form Code Figures
0 Ball Megapode
1 Pole Shoes
2 The Old Duck
3 Ear Butter
4 Boat Ketupat Screen
5 Stomach Fat Pomegranate
6 Cigar Plant
7 hoes Shirt
8 Glasses Board
9 Racquet Road

Code forms and codes can also be created his own sound based on your creativity. Now you have to remember passwords such as 284 670, can be converted into a sentence:
Given the Form Code
Duck (2) with glasses (8) sailboat ride (4) with his right hand holding a cigar (6) and left hand holding a hoe (7) playing ball (0).

Given the Beep Code
The old grandfather (2) buy a board (8) and diamond (4) of the people who are planting (6) clothes (7) char (0).

Recall method described above is only a few examples of techniques that can be used to remember, because there are still other methods. Considering these methods will make you also managed to keep creative in creating a short story, imagining and mengimajinasikannya.

Your imagination will be more refined as you add colors in the shadow of your story, adding motion, smell, or anything else that your imagination even more attractive. If you can, make a funny story or a story that made no sense. This will help more remembered.

You can also try to teach it to children. Thus, memorization can be fun for them. It will also be a good exercise for the right brain that can spur creativity and optimize your child’s brain.

If you’ve tried to remember with these methods, the brain stores information on your right, the information will not be quickly forgotten and helps optimize brain and helps your memory. Good luck!