“I was never fat!” Similar sentences are very often heard. Could be, you are also one of those who “hate” fat. It is true, has the role of fats known to trigger various health problems. But, the body needs fat for energy, so that we can move.

By ward off misconceptions that make everyone antilemak, researchers from Harvard University, USA to share the knowledge that not all fats are bad for the body. There’s also a good type of fat.

Here, some kind of fat that can be invited to friends:

1. Monounsaturated fat, found in many peanut, canola oil, or olive. This very good type of oil to reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the blood (LDL).
2. The fat comes from nuts or beans products (Almon, makadamia, cashews, weekend, hazelnuts, peanuts). Aside from being a source of protein, this food is a source of fiber and phytochemicals. Experts believe both are capable nutiri fight and prevent cancer.
3. Advocates. This fruit contains fats that are good for the body and found to contain levels of vitamin E is very high. Fat Advocates maintain healthy functioning of skin from the inside and prevent heart attacks.
4. Marine fish, especially salmon and mackerel contain omega-3 fatty acids are very high. very good for those who consumed had higher levels of high cholesterol. Fat from these fish, known to be useful to prevent heart disease, cancer, and reduce perdangan symptoms, such as arthritis.

So, do not hesitate to consume fat. Provided you choose whether to be friends!

There is a new movement in the world of culinary trends that are excited debated in recent times, namely Living Food Diet (or often called the Raw Food Diet). Followers of this movement believe that the best food for body and soul of man is food that is not cooked!

Forget the vegan movement, because this movement is far more extreme than just being a vegetarian. For adherents who understand raw food fanatics, the best foods are fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are fresh, organic, never in the freeze, and raw!

Actually this is not understood very recently because the trail can we trace its history to 1839 when Sylvester Graham tahin (pioneer of the vegetarian movement in America) wrote an article that emphasizes the idea that human beings will never hurt if men consume only raw foods. Although this is a very controversial idea at the time (even he had received death threats from the Butcher / butcher), his article widely welcomed because he argues that before finding the fire, early humans also used to rely on raw foods and they can “survive” with the diet was to be able to produce offspring, we arrive at this time.

This idea was later also supported by Artturi Vertanen a Nobel laureate in the field of biochemistry which proves scientifically that there are important enzymes in raw foods come out when food is chewed, and the enzyme is produced along with the enzymes our bodies will chime in and produce the most optimal benefits for our bodies. However, these beneficial enzymes that will actually be damaged or lost when food is heated During his temperature is 46 degrees – 48 degrees C.

According to advocates of this idea, the heating process can merusaka quality of food because their natural fibers will “break”, oxygen levels will be lost, some heat sensitive vitamins such as vitamin C will also be damaged, and free radicals are formed. Freezing process is also believed to be changing kualitaas natural enzymes contained in food that we eat. Even for materials nuts and seeds, they do not need to be cooked. Simply soak in water until soft and then eat just like that.

Many people who diet supernatural belief is testified that this new way of eating can turn them inside out. Being slimmer, healthier, more energetic, stamina increased, the disappearance of body odor and bad breath, rarely sick, smoother skin, and looked younger are some of the many benefits that are often conveyed by the adherents of this idea.

And raw food like this does not mean should tudaj good, you know! Precisely these movements are gaining momentum since many celebrities and famous chef who menyokongnya so people see this idea as something that is trendy, funky, but also yummy. Even one of Charlie Trotter from Chicago’s famous Celebrity Chef publish a special recipe book that contains ideas, techniques, and new recipes to process these raw foods.

The recipes are indeed somewhat unique, there is a menu of pad thai made from coconut meat mudaa, there is a burrito that was replaced with lettuce, and others. What is clear, everything was not cooked, all fresh, all natural, and not using preservatives, dyes, or sensitive material. Anyway should be as fresh as possible in order to optimize benefits for the body!

But what’s really great about raw food is that much?
Those who oppose this idea argue that raw foods because it may endanger health or harmful bacteria like salmonella and E Coli (plus it was crowded today: the avian flu virus) can in fact rampant in the body.
Well-cooked food is the only way to ensure that bacteria and viruses do not contaminate what we eat.

This diet is also not easy, can be very expensive even if we insist on using only organic fruits and vegetables. Raw food preparation process is also more difficult and long because it involves many processes to cut, chop, to a blender, soak, etc., so that food is more easily digested stomach later. Natural spices such as ginger, onion, garlic, chili, spices, and herbs also tend to be more widely used, so a bit more troublesome. More trouble again because the food like this can not be stored longer and must be
prepared every time we want to eat.

And if you’re the type who lunch depending on what is available in the office canteen, eating raw like this would also be difficult because you usually tend to be limited options, especially if you’re based in Jakarta.

According to nutritionists, diet like this is also less suitable for Wanit ahamil, children, and people who need high protein because protein intake susum eggs and meat, and fish are far more readily accepted and absorbed by most people.

Balanced nutrition of cooked food also tend to be more readily accepted because it is through the creative process Masako, cooked food can be more easily aroused than the taste of raw food. If there is a component of vitamin or mineral is lost from the heating process, yet we can still add to it with fruit juice and vegetable intake and other dietary supplements.

I personally still a bit difficult to accept and adopt the raw food diet. But the basic idea is very interesting because we are living in this modern age do have bad eating habits so that intake of fresh fruits and vegetables that will help us to live a better and more comfortable if we combine the cooked food and raw diets this by adding caara food servings of fruits and vegetables so that in our daily diet.

Women who choose the grain of wheat for breakfast menu, tend to have ideal body weight compared with those who chose other breakfast menu or even those who choose no breakfast.

So far it is unclear whether the grain of wheat directly influence a person to maintain body weight.

But the study results still think or assume that the fiber which is a high content of vitamins and minerals along with the grain of wheat is an important factor for maintaining a person’s body weight is not excess.

In addition, it is not certain why the positive impact will only be enjoyed by women, whereas in men it does not apply in any condition.

Dr. Won O. Song of Michigan State University in East Lansing and colleagues of other researchers who reported the findings revealed in writing in the medical journal Nutrition Experts Association of the United States.

Song and colleagues studied some of her favorite foods in the world especially in the West.

Their findings based on nutrition surveys conducted by several groups of researchers from the U.S. health ministry to make observations and studies from the years 1999-2000.

Of the total 4218 adult respondents, 77 percent have a habit of breakfast and of that number 22 percent chose the grain of wheat as a breakfast menu.

Meanwhile, from women who choose to eat grains of wheat is less than 30 percent are overweight compared with women who did not eat breakfast, in addition to other factors such as exercise, total calorie consumption remains also taken into account.

It can be concluded from the study even if not clearly and definitely that basically wheat grains when compared with other breakfast menu helped overcome many problems maintaining weight stability.

Grains of wheat were found to contain more fiber and less fat content, which is a pattern that is far better nutrition to overcome being overweight.

Beside that, the calcium content of milk which is a pair of wheat grains is not less important element in terms of controlling the amount of fat in the body.

Other researchers have said they do not eat breakfast very likely jeopardize the waistline shrink the program because they tend to choose foods that have a higher fat content at the next mealtime.

Back pain can not be taken lightly at times when the disease had relapsed because almost certainly nothing could be done even for walking too it will be difficult. One way to avoid back pain in addition to maintaining body weight to keep it under control, it is important also considering what to eat other than kwantiti side.

According to Dr. Stephen Reed Penny Kendall-Reed and author of “The Complete Doctor’s Healthy Back Bible” weight loss is one of the most important factor in preventing back pain due to excessive body weight puts more strain on the lower waist. In order to keep weight under control one way is to pay attention to the pattern of food intake that is low-fat protein, limiting sugary foods and eat nutritious food such as rich in protein and mineral content such as fruits and vegetables.

When experiencing acute back pain, there are some nutritional steps that can be done to make it better. Increase protein intake, this will only help to control weight but also help rebuild the middle of the program, especially if the improvement in muscle strength. Avoid eating eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes and peppers because these foods can stimulate some chemical substances that affect the inflammation. Avoid foods that can help reduce 30-40 percent decrease in inflammation and pain in the waist.

While encouraged to consume foods that can help reduce pain include broccoli, spinach and kale. Green leafy vegetables contain many vitamins B and a lot of nerve problems due to lack of vitamin B. Vitamin B is needed to transfer messages throughout the nervous so these foods can help alleviate pain. While watermelon is a fruit that’s good for back problems because it contains natural enzymes than papaya and kiwi.

While carrots are rich in vitamin E and C. These antioxidants may protect cells remain healthy tissue surrounding the area of inflammation. Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory that can reduce inflammation.

Milk fat does not harm the body. Only 35 percent of the expected increase in cholesterol. Amounting to 65 percent had no adverse effects on health such as conjugated fatty acids in milk fat inoleat function inhibits tumor formation, lowered some of the risk of degenerative and chronic (cancer, hypertension, diabetes) and increases the body’s defense system. While butyric acid in milk fat has a high digestibility and as an anti-colon cancer and support the growth of good bacteria (prebioti) which is the main source of milk fat.

Fesfolipid contained in milk consists of, among others, fosfatidil choline (lecithin) and sphingomyelin, fosfatidil fosfatidil inositol and serine, which serves as the protector of intestinal mucosa against bacterial pathogens. This phospholipid is a major part of the brain composer, nerves, liver, muscle, heart, and sperm function as anticancer.

In milk there are as many as 13 mg/100 ml kolesterl (in breast milk of 10-140 mg/100 ml). Cholesterol is a precursor for the formation of bile acids, steroid hormones, vitamin D and brain and plays an important role in DNA synthesis and cell division.

While arachidonic acid (AA) in the milk is the main fatty acid precursors and eicosanoid. Docoso hexaenoic acid (DHA) as myekinisasi membranes in the process of the nervous system and the main lipids in the brain. AA and DHA serves to maintain the function of brain cells in the growth and development of central nervous system and prostaglandin synthesis.

The milk sugar lactose have an energy 2 times larger than monosaccharides and improve the digestibility of calcium.