KOMPAS.com – Sweet potato or sweet potato has been known to our society, comes from the Americas. Sweet potato in the 16th century began to spread throughout the world, especially the tropics. In the 1960s, planting sweet potatoes have been widespread across Indonesia, with production centers in West Java, Central Java, East Java, Papua and North Sumatra.

Sweet potato is a source of carbohydrates that can be utilized as a main meal. Now the sweet potatoes are still used by residents in Papua and Maluku. In other areas the mother potato used as a snack.

With the presence of sweet potato flour, many of which can be used as a variation of the dish, good for snacks, main meals, traditional and modern dishes. Kind of sweet potatoes have white, orange, red, yellow and purple. Carb high nutritional value, rich in vitamins and minerals. Red, yellow, orange, contain beta carotene which the body is converted into vitamin A.

In addition, purple sweet potato contain anthocyanin which acts as an antioxidant and prevent premature aging, cancer, heart disease, stroke, and cataracts.

Let us take advantage of cassava and sweet potato starch such as flour or meal using the bulb in addition to health also menganekaragamkan our cuisine.

a unique appearance. Does not look like most of the leaves of other plants. He only composed of rod-rod-like bones are green. That’s why is called a fracture. Sap had many virtues.

With the trunk and branches are arranged zigzag transverse irregular, broken, almost without leaves, these plants seem quaint and unique. Because of the unique, more people use it as an ornamental plant. However, there is also a deliberately planted for medicinal plant collection.

Wahono, observers medicinal plants that live in Pondok Cabe, Tangerang, claimed to know these fractures plants from the parent. “People used to call it urip wood. Because even though the stem has been broken for the sap is taken, he can still grow, even up to two meters, “he said.

The parts of plants are often used for medicinal bark and sap. Fractures in white sap like milk, containing compounds euphorbone, taraksasterol, alaktucerol, euphol, resins which felt a sharp, astringent gum, and bitter substances.

Used as boreh to the skin
The ancient healers use a combination of bark and sap of this plant to treat bone fractures, as noted in note Kloppenburgh Versteegh, Indonesian traditional medicine experts of Dutch nationality. Way, the bark of this plant is finely milled and mixed with oil, then used as boreh in the skin, in areas with broken bones. After that, given the bark of cottonwoods and bandaged.

Today the use of these plants for the case of a broken bone is not unusual anymore. Moreover, there was a more modern treatment methods, such as injection pain and installation of plaster.

Giving borehan plant cottonwoods broken bones and skin only for first aid measures. Usually as a pain reliever and antiseptic.
Nevertheless, as revealed Wahono, sap-green stems of plants can heal wounds such as cut, cut, or hit by flying glass. There are also exploiting the sap to remove warts, or in medical language is called benign tumors.

“It could also reduce the itching in a mole and the results are quite good. For warts, of course only effective if the size is still small or start to grow. If you’ve already large, would no longer effective. In addition, the treatment should also be routine, at least put two times a day, “he said.

Keep away from eyes
One thing to note when the advantage is to avoid direct contact with the sap of the eye. Gum fractures contain dangerous toxins. When exposed to the eyes, the sap will cause itching and swelling of the eyelids.

If you already contaminated, as first aid, wash the eyes with boiled water, then immediately consult a physician. Relief of late is not impossible that it may cause blindness.

The use of bone fractures as a medicinal plant had faded a few moments. However, it does not mean his name just sank. In many regions in Indonesia, a broken bone is still popular. Some call urip wood, wood susuru, fishing Towo (because of its odd and get a laugh), or Tikel cockscomb.

Now the prestige of Latin plant named Euphorbia tirucalli Linn was sticking out again. Close relative of the ornamental plant Euphorbia millii also started bred back.

Oles enough sap
Actually there are not many ways of utilizing plants commonly called a broken bone or wood urip (Java). However, please note, the sap should not be in contact with the ball because it could create a blind eye.

Also advisable if you would use the broken bones as a remedy, use a fairly old branch. Old branches produce more sap than the young.

Here beberpa usage examples:

• Break the bones of this plant, better choose the old. Once out the sap, directly apply to diseased parts of the body. This sap is believed to eliminate disturbances in the skin such as warts or moles.

• When applying latex, you should be careful not to hit other parts of the body. Leave it for a while until the sap dries. After that, rinse with clean water.

Kompas.com – There are various types of food that is proven healthy and healthful. Sometimes it is hard to choose which ones to exist in our daily menu. Here are some types of food recommended for consumption each day.

1. Spinach
Spinach is a familiar vegetable in Indonesian tongue. In addition to fresh, Popeye’s favorite vegetable has many virtues, among others, are rich in omega-3 vegetable and folic acid. Omega-3 will help reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and osteoporosis.

While folic acid will increase blood flow to the bottom and help you avoid sexual problems akibata aging process. Meanwhile, the content of lutein in spinach will help us fight diseases that cause macular degenarasi blindness in the elderly.

Various countries and cultures claim yoghurt as part of the creation of their country. However, the type of food for more than 2000 years old it has a virtue that can not be doubted. The content of good bacteria in yogurt is proven to increase immune system and provide protection against cancer cells. But not all yogurts contain probiotics. Therefore, make sure the packaging is written “live and active bacteria.”

3. Tomatoes
There are two things you need to know about tomatoes. First, the red fruit is very good because it means the rich content of antioxidant lycopene. Second, even the cooked tomatoes are better than fresh because it makes lycopene more easily absorbed by the body.

Research shows a diet rich in lycopene will lead us away from disturbances of bladder, lung disease, prostate, skin and stomach cancers, as well as reduce the risk of coronary artery disease.

4. Carrots
Most fruits or vegetables red, yellow, and orange, is rich in carotenoids content, type of fat soluble associated with decreased risk of cancer, inflammation, asthma, and arthritis rematatik. To get all those benefits, the consumption of carrots just because it is practical and has a low calorie content.

5. Oatmeal
It feels this is a lot of healthy foods recommended by many health experts. Oatmeal is rich in fiber which effectively reduces the risk of heart disease. This food also mengandug carbohydrates but safe for diabetics because of the sugar produced in the release slowly. Oatmeal also contains 10 grams of protein per half cup serving so it can be a source of energy.

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Kompas.com – Working with a productive, stress-free and produce achievement is the goal of every worker. Unfortunately, to achieve it is not easy. Often we lose concentration because they have to do a pile of work in a strict time tengat. Fortunately there are simple ways to overcome them.

Research has shown that consumption of a cup of tea effective for mengingkatkan cognitive ability and concentration. Secondly it was mainly due to a combination of content and L-theanin caffeine in tea. Caffeine, according to Suzanne Einother, will make us more alert, more focused and ease us through the challenging days.

“In the tradition of tea associated with mental clarity. When the researchers note that caffeine and L-theanin who also had the effect of increasing brain activity, which makes tea drinkers easier to concentrate and focus,” explained Einother, researchers from the Unilever Research & Development Vlaradingen, the Netherlands, in a press conference about the tea in Jakarta (14 / 7).

A study showed that study participants who were given tea beverages containing caffeine and L-theanin able to solve problems that require concentration better than the participants who drank tea that does not contain anything. In addition, participants were also able to focus despite distractions from the surrounding noise.

So, if you want to be more concentrated, seduhlah cup of green tea or black tea. You can replace your favorite coffee to tea because the caffeine content of less. The content of caffeine in a cup of coffee to reach 100 mg, whereas only 52 mg of tea.

HIV-AIDS care activists to share information about HIV AIDS HIV AIDS in the interactive exhibition One Life Evolution (OLE) conducted by World Vision Indonesia in Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya, East Java, on Friday (09/10/2009). According to data from the Surabaya City AIDS Commission from 1996 to June 2009 recorded 1971 cases of HIV and AIDS cases in 1654 in Surabaya.

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JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – AIDS Commission (KPA), the National record, the majority of women with AIDS is a housewife, not a sex worker!

National AIDS Commission Secretary Nafsiah Mboi said housewife with AIDS the number reached 59.9 percent of the total female patients. “The most commonly infected are not sex workers, but rather a housewife, you know,” he said at City Hall, Monday (07/12/2010).

Nafsiah continue, the total number of female AIDS patients is only 25.08 percent of total AIDS patients. Housewives, people with AIDS to reach 1970 people of a total of 3525 women with AIDS in the past 10 years until 2009.

“These women monogamous marriage, was never a physical affair and never injector.’s Likely that their husbands or hooked injector pocket,” he said.

Nafsiah deplore the low awareness of using condoms in the life of the household. In fact, condom use to prevent transmission of HIV / AIDS. Meanwhile, sex workers “helped” because they follow the program of condom use, in contrast to the housewife. “So, the use of condoms, although already married, it is very important,” he said.

Kompas.com – Brushing your teeth is the number one defense against dental problems. This is especially if the activity is done properly brush teeth. Ie, two times a day, after breakfast and before bed, and reach the entire surface of the tooth.

“Brush your teeth just enough to remove bacteria if done perfectly. Germs or bacteria remaining in the mouth can be cleaned with a rinse or clean the surface of the tongue,” said Bahar drg.Arma Literature, Ph.D., dentistry and prevention experts from the Faculty of Dentistry Faculty of Medicine University Health / RSCM.

Brushing teeth properly, he explained, is to make sure the brush hairs can reach the lower surface of the gums and gums in addition to the tooth surface. Slowly, rub it with a toothbrush up and down motion (from the gums to the teeth). Then finish by brushing your tongue.

The composition of irregular teeth cleaning would make it difficult indeed. To clean the remnants of food left on teeth, can be done flossing or floss. “No harm done flossing, especially if irregular teeth,” he said.

Brushing your teeth regularly twice a day using fluoride toothpaste proven to reduce damage to teeth. Fluoride works meremineralisasi teeth, making it stronger and not easily perforated and eliminate the root of tooth sensitivity