KOMPAS.com – Life Begins at 40! Hm … This magic sentence was not just a consolation to you who were preparing to enter the age of four heads. Particularly for matters of sex, because sex was more enjoyable this age for women. Baseball believe? This is the result of research, you know.

University of Texas, who recruit 900 women in a survey, stating that just because you start to decline physically, does not mean you join decreased libido. Their results showed, by the age of 40 years, women tend to have more sexual fantasies.

According to the researchers, it is caused by the instincts of women that their chances to get pregnant and have children already closed, thus reducing anxiety and ultimately to increase their desire for sexual intercourse.

In this social experiment, 900 women surveyed were divided into three groups: first, the most fertile (age 19-26 years), both of which began to experience decline in fertility (ages 27-45 years), and the third, who had entered menopause .
Women are included in the second group appeared to have a higher libido and adventurous nature than those which enter in the first and third groups.

“The results of this study showed that women with decreased fertility in fact have greater sexual motivation and sexual behavior that increases, rather than the fertility of women is still relatively high,” said Professor David Buss, of the University of Texas.

The existence of this research is expected to help facilitate conception before pregnancy chances of women has been closed due to declining fertility. Another researcher, Dr Pam Spurr says that women in their late 30s often seem to be able to enjoy life. There are among them those who are aware of the cause, some are not. Those who realize this is generally a better understanding of fertility levels after a certain age, and dare to express what he wanted against the couple.

Kompas.com – Although the taste of olive has become an attraction for thousands of years, modern research presents another reason to eat: Olive oil contains a single-chain polyunsaturated fats, vitamin E and polyphenols. Last two compounds were efficacious reduce cancer risk.

Since long time the experts have to know someone eating patterns associated with risk of breast cancer. In addition to advice to avoid foods high in fat, scientists have now advised the woman to do a Mediterranean diet based on fruits, vegetables, grains, and olive oil, as the best path to a healthy and protected from breast cancer.

Research conducted by scientists from Spain to the mice in the laboratory showed that a compound in olive oil will impede the genes responsible for the growth of tumor cells in the breast. This oil is also working with the deadly protein that becomes “food source” of cancer cells.

Dr.Eduard Escrich, lead researcher, suggested us to eat olive oil 50 ml, or the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of virgin olive oil every day. However, he said that the properties of olive oil as an antidote to this new cancer could be picked if this lifestyle is applied in the long term.

Mediterranean diet has been recognized experts on the protection for diseases such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and also to streamline the body.

Greece is the country’s largest oil consumer in the world. People in countries that consume 20 times more olive oil than the United Kingdom and Italy, which also includes as a major producer of olive oil.

Big-city life hard unwittingly forcing citizens to compete. Challenging conditions and competition makes people become stressed which could eventually culminate in the emergence of various diseases, from mild to severe impressed like heart disease and cancer.

It was felt by Putu Oka Sukanta acupuncturist who started receiving a lot of patients with various illnesses caused by stress.

“Patients who come to my place with a variety of complaints, but after the sorted sequence is apparently the cause of discomfort in the workplace, there is disappointment, a sense of oppression by the occupation and the environment,” said Putu Oka Sukanta when met at his clinic in Warta Kota Rawamangun, Wednesday .

Patients with a variety of complaints that will inevitably have to reveal to the Putu. At least, during the first visit the patient should be able to open up the disease, symptoms, and early because patients suffering from the disease.

For, if the patient refuses to tell her the problem, then Putu also reluctant to help heal patients. Because for Putu, both medical and traditional medicine, and any form of treatment, will not be able to cure the patient if the root problem of illness is unknown.

In fact, Putu insisted on trying to open the patient’s problem at the first visit. Although, there are also some new patient known why on subsequent visits. Like patients who suffer migraine pain every day before 08:00 o’clock.

It turns out that the patient has a problem in the office so that he always felt hesitant to go to the office. When he was thinking of leaving or not, her head dizzy. But when she made up her mind, his headache disappeared, Putu said.

Things like these are to be understood when medicating patients klinilmya. If the root of the problem is already known, Putu will give patients the option to choose which form of treatment will dijalaiii them. -

No wonder if the new patient can be 15 to 30 minutes in his office. Putu will provide sufficient time for the patient and the disease may reveal the problem. In fact, Putu could invite patients to discuss things outside of his illness problems.

At three times a week provides acupuncture treatment, Putu did not give a schedule to die on his patients. It will give you CHOICES in accordance with the needs and abilities of the patient. He also continued to provide an explanation that, in theory, could be carried out patient treatment three times a week.

“I do not help to solve the problem of the patient if the fix medication time. But I still recommend three times a week and a decision in the hands of patients. Always be given leeway and he’s got time to decide the time of treatment,” said Putu Oka.

Even for people who have a very remote area of residence outside of Jakarta, the father of one child will give his fellow reference acupuncturists are in the same town with the patient. For Putu, the more patients get leeway in deciding their own treatment time, then it can help patients overcome the problem.

Because after all, patients still have limited time or material that makes them need to define their own treatment.

There are also patients who are advised to take medication every day if the conditions of illness requiring intensive care. Again it is returned to the patient.

Kompas.com – There are various types of food that is proven healthy and healthful. Sometimes it is hard to choose which ones to exist in our daily menu. Here are some types of food recommended for consumption each day.

1. Spinach
Spinach is a familiar vegetable in Indonesian tongue. In addition to fresh, Popeye’s favorite vegetable has many virtues, among others, are rich in omega-3 vegetable and folic acid. Omega-3 will help reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and osteoporosis.

While folic acid will increase blood flow to the bottom and help you avoid sexual problems akibata aging process. Meanwhile, the content of lutein in spinach will help us fight diseases that cause macular degenarasi blindness in the elderly.

Various countries and cultures claim yoghurt as part of the creation of their country. However, the type of food for more than 2000 years old it has a virtue that can not be doubted. The content of good bacteria in yogurt is proven to increase immune system and provide protection against cancer cells. But not all yogurts contain probiotics. Therefore, make sure the packaging is written “live and active bacteria.”

3. Tomatoes
There are two things you need to know about tomatoes. First, the red fruit is very good because it means the rich content of antioxidant lycopene. Second, even the cooked tomatoes are better than fresh because it makes lycopene more easily absorbed by the body.

Research shows a diet rich in lycopene will lead us away from disturbances of bladder, lung disease, prostate, skin and stomach cancers, as well as reduce the risk of coronary artery disease.

4. Carrots
Most fruits or vegetables red, yellow, and orange, is rich in carotenoids content, type of fat soluble associated with decreased risk of cancer, inflammation, asthma, and arthritis rematatik. To get all those benefits, the consumption of carrots just because it is practical and has a low calorie content.

5. Oatmeal
It feels this is a lot of healthy foods recommended by many health experts. Oatmeal is rich in fiber which effectively reduces the risk of heart disease. This food also mengandug carbohydrates but safe for diabetics because of the sugar produced in the release slowly. Oatmeal also contains 10 grams of protein per half cup serving so it can be a source of energy.

Dozens of activists lit candles that form a ribbon when the night musings AIDS Nusantara at Home National Monument (Monas) in Central Jakarta, Saturday (06/12/2010) night. The night aims to socialize reflections AIDS prevention and inspire the community to co-exist with people living with HIV / AIDS (PLWHA) in everyday life.

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JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – DKI Jakarta Provincial Government through the National AIDS Commission held a working meeting or rakerda area on July 12 to 16 this weekend. The workshop was opened by Assistant Secretary of Public Health Regional DKI Jakarta, Mara Oloan Siregar, in the multipurpose room 23rd floor of City Hall, Monday (12/07/2010).

In his speech, Mara Oloan said that Jakarta is ranked fourth as the province with the highest number of AIDS cases and the average ranked third highest number of sufferers. Until 2010 Meret month alone, there were 2828 cases of AIDS by 2002 people of whom contracted the disease from a syringe, while the other 426 died. This number increased from the previous year.

“No region in Jakarta which is free from HIV / AIDS today,” he said.

Oloan Mara said, most people in Jakarta were male and in their productive age. Therefore, he continued, administration will be paid great attention to the amount of this figure.

The opening was attended by representatives of the health office (DHO), six areas of Jakarta, the commission working groups, representatives of health centers and private clinics, department of tourism, and a number of institutions offering. KPA Secretary Manggala Rohana said, rakerda for this 2011-2012 program will focus on the role of the health office in the socialization of AIDS through Internet pages, the role of PMI, NGO, working groups, and international partners to tackle AIDS cases.