Causes Buncit

Weight Loss January 1st, 2010 – abdominal circumference measurement actually is one method of assessing abdominal fat tissue. “The objective is to determine whether a person has been included in the category at risk of obesity and metabolic complications,” said Ralph Girson, SpPD, Progress of the Royal Hospital, Jakarta. Such conditions increase the potential for metabolic syndrome such as diabetes mellitus (diabetes), hypertension (high blood pressure), dyslipidemia (disorders of blood fat / cholesterol), and can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and clogged blood vessels.

Abdominal circumference limitation defined by WHO, for the Asia Pacific region is below 90 cm for men and below 80 cm for women.

The cause of this increase in abdominal circumference can be various kinds, among them;
Improper diet is the main cause of abdominal circumference added. Habits of life that is less activity and excessive food consumption of energy is required, making the rest of the calories stored as fat in fat cells.

Accumulate fat around the body, including the abdominal area, and will increase as body weight and poor lifestyle.

These excess calories are stored in many foods low in saturated fat and high fiber. Foods such as processed meats, some types of margarine, fried, especially with repeated use of cooking oil, canned vegetables, some snack foods, red meat pie, and much more.

Naturally, the activity will be reduced in line with age. Not only activity is reduced, muscle mass will decrease when the exercise was less intense. This all lead to weight gain and abdominal circumference, let alone the reduced activity is not counterbalanced by reducing calorie intake. The result, increasing age increases abdominal circumference.

Some opinions say, if a parent or grandparent has a distended stomach, then the potential to have a distended stomach even bigger. In other words, people can tend to accumulate fat in the abdomen is genetic. However, if you do not have the weight of the radical, the middle part of your body will not grow too rapidly.

Besides, most men tend to store fat in the abdomen and pelvis above (apple body shape), so it is said to have better men have belly fat.

While most women before menopause tend to store fat in the lower abdomen, the thighs, hips and buttocks (pear shape). After menopause, the more fat will be stored in the abdomen. This has been coded in genes and can not control where fat is stored. The only possible solution is to avoid excess weight gain.

The phrase “beer belly” (beer belly) is not a myth. In fact, consuming too much alcohol can cause the body less efficient in burning fat. Fat even more and more buried in the body over time and the habit of consuming alcohol that kept walking.

Increased stress in daily life such as lack of sleep, can cause increased belly fat. Conditions of sleep deprivation increase the production of the hormone cortisol in the brain and increases the accumulation of abdominal fat.

Stomach Fat
A study by Lawson Health Research Institute said the appetite stimulating hormone and regulating the proportion of energy stored as fat, or neuropeptide-Y NPY is also produced by abdominal fat. NPY producing cells re perkusor fat cells, which then turned into fat cells.

Can be said, obesity became a kind of vicious circle in which a person becomes to eat more because the hormone NPY produced by fat belly. Whereas NPY cells also produce more fat to be piled into abdominal fat.

JAKARTA, – In a TV ad milling with a variety of drinks benefits. There are recognized as an energy booster drinks, ion replacement, also enhancing concentration.

Unfortunately, we are often wrong and confound one another. Sometimes equated between the ion replacement drinks and energy drinks or stamina booster.

“Drinks are very different ion replacement with energy drinks. From its content alone is a different level, “explains nutritionist from Sehati Emmilia E Achmadi, Msc, who met in a talk show titled Sehatnews Sharing Experiences Obtained Achievement, Friday (2/7/2010) at Kidzania Jakarta.

Energy drinks are beverages that according Emmilia been formulated in such a manner and contain sugar and other chemicals. Therefore, this drink is very different from ion replacement drinks that contain any substances that are similar to body fluids, such as sodium and calcium.

Users of this second type of beverage, said Emmilia, be careful. “With the lure of a fresh body to return does not mean the drinks can replace fluids,” he added.

We recommend that as consumers we must be good at sorting out products that suit their needs. When finished exercising sweaty and in need of replacement fluids, then asuplah ion replacement drinks.

As for when you want to engage in activities that require greater energy and use of physical force is large, the energy drink asuplah. “Make no mistake choose, because different functions will also” light Emil

- Milk did not become a daily beverage for us. We only drink it when we were babies, when pregnant, breastfeeding, and when we start porous bones. In fact, if we have to get used to drinking milk during their productive age, we certainly would not have had time to experience bone loss. Remember, women are more susceptible to osteoporosis. When pregnant and lactating women, calcium in our bodies will be absorbed by the baby so much we need to add this calcium intake.

Just a reminder of the importance of milk, try to see why you need to eat again from now on:

1. Helps maintain weight
Yeah, who says drinking milk make you gain weight? Some studies even show that people who consume more dairy products will be more streamlined. Body fat content were lower than those who rarely drank milk.

Milk is better able to make us feel full, rather than other types of beverages. Most likely this is due to protein content, according to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2009. It is said that people who drink milk without the fat will feel more full, so eat less at subsequent meals schedule. This does not occur in people who drank fruit juice.

So, if you want to keep your weight at a normal rate, choose low-fat milk (or nonfat). A glass of low fat milk contains just eight grams of fat.

2. Build bone
A cup of milk provides 30 percent of daily calcium requirement. This is the mineral that helps build and maintain strong bones and teeth. Calcium is important for bone formation in children and adolescents. He also helps build bone mass which gradually disappear as we age. To get the calcium intake from other foods (with an equivalent amount), for example, you must eat more than seven cups of raw broccoli.

3. Number one source of vitamin D
Vitamin D is not only essential for calcium absorption, but also improves the immune system, reduce the risk of some cancers, diabetes and multiple sclerosis, and ensuring better blood pressure. New research presented at the annual meeting of Experimental Biology, April 2010, showed that nearly 43 percent of milk provides vitamin D that we get from food.

4. Help shape and strengthen muscles
A cup of milk contains 16 percent of daily intake of protein, which serves to build and repair muscle tissue. Several small-scale research conducted by the dairy companies found that chocolate milk can help athletes recover energy, even better than sports drinks. Milk chocolate contains a mixture of proteins and carbohydrates the body needs to restore energy supplies after a heavy gym session.

from the Group of Lettuce wrote on a piece of paper hanging on Lorong Sahabat Jamboree Commitment to Children XIV. He continued the sentence, “In connection with healthy food, my commitment: I want to drink milk keladai.”

Santi intended to convey a commitment to drink soy milk as a substitute source of high protein milk, eggs, and meat. The third source of protein is relatively expensive. Affordable soy milk, can even make your own.

That Santi. He is one of the participants from approximately 660 children who participate Jamboree Sahabat Anak (JSA), XIV, 10-11 July 2010, at the camp Ragunan, South Jakarta, who was accompanied by 400 volunteers.

According to Chairman of the Friends of Children Linayati Tjindra, Sunday (11 / 7), jamboree was organized especially for marginalized children in Jakarta. They are the beggars at the intersection of four, or a busker in the city buses, or in the markets to help their mothers become laborers onion peeler. Cow’s milk may be too expensive for them.

“Healthy food does not have to buy expensive, but replaced with inexpensive materials and easy to obtain,” said Linayati. Instead of drinking iced drinks instant or better to drink water. They were encouraged to drink water.

They also learn to make cincau, cooking with raw cassava, soya beans, and bananas. They are required cooking contest.

“I love to help cook the red banana ice,” said Jumaroh (10), from the Group of Spinach. He went up to class V in North Monument Elementary School. Every day, she helped her mother cook knows-tempeh.

Celery is another group-member Priyanto and Deni colleagues like Lukman and Aang Haryadi, aged 12-13 years-most of whom live ngamen around Tanah Abang, Jakarta Utara. They cooked potatoes and corned beef sandwiches. More luxury. There is another group that relies on grated cheese.

A bit weird. This is different from the shadow of time through a corridor of Commitment. There were scattered writings of their commitment: want to eat healthy foods, especially vegetables. But, never mind. It’s called uploading a marginal top right of the child healthy foods. How to realize them? That’s a separate issue

Garra rufa

Health Care January 1st, 2010

Garra rufa fish originally lived in the rivers in the Middle East countries as in Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq. Age 4 to 6 years with a maximum length of 12 cm. However, fish used for therapy is still a small fish 3-6 months old, generally has a length of 1.5 to 2 cm. This fish can live in water with a temperature of 0 to 43 degrees Celsius.

In Turkish society, a spa with this fish has been known since 200 years ago. But this new glow fish therapy known in Asia, Europe and America since 2006. At the beginning of its discovery, this fish is thought to be carnivorous fish. At that time, when a group of people were in the river Kangal, Turkey, these fish swarming around their feet. However, they do not find their feet hurt even they feel their body feels more fresh. That is, the beginning so that the fish was finally made one of therapies to cure diseases.

Fish Therapy

To gain the maximum benefit, you should pay attention to cleanliness and health of the pond. Does the pool have a good filter system? What is the procedure that must be passed before trying this therapy? Instead, a special pool available for people with certain skin diseases that are not affiliated with the general pool so as not to infect the disease.

Before you start putting the foot into the pool, feet will be cleared first. The goal is to clean the feet of dust, lotions or other means of chemical substances can make a fish drunk or do not want to go near your feet. The first time you insert the foot, you will feel a tingling effect “invasion” of this fish. Furthermore, you can also feel like a small stun stung. This small fish is happy to eat dead skin cells. However, because this fish species has no teeth, it will not be dangerous and hurt your feet. Instead, you will feel a sense of amusement as smoked fish. They will continue to stick on your foot while continuing to eat the dead skin cells.

Although these fish eat dead skin like humans, but they are also given other fish food and vitamins to stay healthy. This was done so that the fish remain healthy.

Benefits of Fish Spa

By eating dead skin cells that exist, then your feet will be cleaner, softer feel and are believed to mengobat certain skin diseases such as dry eczema and psoriasis (red and scaly skin). We suck the dead skin, Garra rufa fish will also salivate an enzyme-containing dithranol (anthralin), which will stimulate growth of new skin cells. Benefits, will reduce itching of the skin and scars blemishes.

In addition to beauty and skin health, this fish can also provide other positive effects for the body. When these fish suck up our legs, feet will feel the shock-generated small shock from the crowd of fish that can stimulate acupuncture points on the soles of the feet and make a smooth blood circulation. In order to obtain maximum results, therapy should be done regularly two to three times a week for three months.

Seeing the fleeing fish sucking dead skin and sprightly can create feelings of relaxation. Not to mention the amusement caused by suction mouth of this small fish. You can definitely feel the sense of comfort that will make you relaxed.

So, in addition to physical health, health and peace of mind you can also enjoy. In place of a particular spa, you can not only put the feet only for the Garra rufa fish assailed, but you can try to soak the entire body while feeling the gentle suction Garra rufa fish this baby. Intend to try?