If every day you should eat 10 servings of fruits, different kinds and colors, and then how to choose? Especially if you suffer from certain diseases, like diabetes or gastric problems (ulcer). Not all fruits are safe to eat every day, right?

Because we live in different varieties of fruit-producing country, would not be difficult to actually select it. About the price, certainly not as expensive as blueberries, for example. Options are safe to eat fruit every person, whatever his illness, also not hard to find. Price is so cheap.

Clinical nutritionist, Dr. Samuel Oetoro, SpGK, mentioning that 10 servings of fruit daily are safe to eat apples, pears, citrus, guava, grape, watermelon, cantaloupe, papaya, passion fruit, and tomatoes.

“Carrots and plantains are also safe to consume. Carambola can occasionally, but less for patients with kidney disease,” said Dr. Samuel told Compass Female fruit after the commemoration of the World in Grand Indonesia, Jakarta on Thursday (07/01/2010).

Dr. Samuel explains, some fruits are not consumed either a particular disease. Jackfruit, durian, banana, and pineapple containing high glucose to avoid diabetic. Ulcer sufferers should not eat bananas, but safe for other banana species, such as plantains. In fact, any fruit that is not healthy, said Dr. Samuel, that is ripe durian which contain high alcohol content.

Then how the measuring? Dr. Samuel explains, passion fruit such as apples or eat one serving means intact. While a serving of wine grapes measuring five points. While papaya and watermelon, a portion equal to one piece of sliced, not a single fruit.
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